Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


Friday, September 25, 2009

Embarrassing Photo Friday

After much rumination, our humans decided to let us blog on two days.
Wordless Wednesday & Embarrassing Photo Friday.
Yipeee~ Maybe we can find more excuses to use the computer huh ?
Any other ideas ? BOL !!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Not so Wordless Wednesday

Hey Pawpals !!! Miss us ?!?! We guys sure miss you a lot !
We finally get to go online for a while.
Hopefully our human won't catch us, haha.
So how's all of you guys doing ?
We will update ourselves with all of your adventure
after our human sister's big examination,
that will be like November ?!?! What the DOG !

Lady is feeling better after her medication, pee-ing normally now.
For me? I am finally free from learning new tricks for a while
& I got to play soccer with daddy every now and then if we got time :D
Zena is still as lazy as ever, sleeping whenever it is not dinner time !
HAHA, this statement can tell you what she always do at home huh ?
Joyce is doing fine at our mommy's friend's house, destruction free,
amazing huh ?


Remember to visit our blog every Wednesday, (HOPEFULLY)
but EVERYDAY will be better, so that you all won't forget about us :P
We took Scout & Freya's advise about trying to post Wordless Wednesday whenever we can,
or maybe more ? HAHA !

Miss you guys tons !!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

So long dear pals..

We are sad to inform you that we will not be blogging often nowadays.
As our dear human sister is having her MAJOR EXAMS !
But we will find time to blog whenever we have the time to.
Please wait for us to be back for more adventures !
We will really miss all of you !
Do remember about us FOUR ! PLEASE !!!!
We love you all !!!

*slobbery kisses*
Lady, Zena, Cody & Joyce

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I love Mr Froggie !!

Remember our dear friend ? Augustus & Tiberius ?
Like who will forget about that two handsome hunks !
Even our human mommy love them a lot ! HAHA.
Remember the toys they gave us ?
Joyce & I are still treating them like precious !
Joyce with her miss piggy & me with my Mr Froggie ?
Amazingly it wasn't destuff yet. Cause we simply love them lots ! hehe.
& of cause love our dearest pals Augustus, Ti & their mama Donna.
& of cause every other paw pals ! :DDD

I never left froggie all by himself before :)
HAHA, excuse my very meaty cheeks :D


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Updates on Lady

Presenting to you our dearest old Lady !
Lady : " Oh Cody, thanks for saying that, but can you don't add the word OLD in your sentence !??!?! "


OK ! Now what you looking at ?!?!?!

Ok Lady is peeing blood again today !
So our human brought her to her 'favourite' place !
The Vet Clinic to meet the nicest vet in Singapore,
& I mean really nice, without the ' '. Dr Grace Heng ! *paws up* fur her.
Lady maybe infested with bladder infection & are under medications now.
So we will see if this problem still occur,
if yes, she may need to visit the veterinarian again for something call...
X RAY ? Wow, I only heard of X Factor & not X Ray !!!
What are X Rays ?!?!
Lady: " Oh that silly pup ! "

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Thank you Mason Dixie & Dino :)

We received a box from Mason Dixie about a week back ?
Joyce was there to open the box with us together that time :D

*sniff sniff* What is it guys ?
Any idea ?

Ahh, finally a little sneak peak of what the content is in the box :D

Look at our belated barkday card from the beautiful girl :)


& next, its a gift from Dino and family !
Basically it is a gift for sissy for wishing her good luck for her major exams.
She really love it a lot Aunty Julia ( D's mom )

At least she remember to buy us treats !!! :D

& tadang ! The gift she gave sissy !
Her favourite idol photo book :D

Even sweet D made a card for sissy ! :D

Oh now can we eat the yummies ?! Oh pls oh pls !!!

mmmm~ anyone want a stick ? :D

Lady sure love hers ! :D

While Lady is enjoying hers,
Zena is sure waiting for hers !!! & did she get it ?

Oh, she sure did :D


Monday, September 7, 2009


We have WINNERS !!!
Presenting our Mr Dog 2009....

TANK !!!!

& our Miss Beauty 2009 ....

DOMI !!!!

Can't wait to see who the winners are for next year :)

& WINNERS do remember to send us your snail mail address !
Once again, CONGRATULATIONS !!!!
Our peemail is :

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday Splash

Hello Pals, we went SWIMMING today ! Weee~
But this time, all alone, no Joyce.
Sigh, I sure miss my sister...
Guys, don't worry, she is not really rehome actually.
Whatever happen to her, it will also be our responsibility, as she is our dog.

She is the only dog at her new home now.
Amazingly, no destruction have been done yet,
maybe because she got all the attention from everyone there,
better than here, all the attention is divided for four dogs.
Joyce is a dog that really love to get all the attention from her owner,
but we did not did it, as you know we have four dogs to shower the attention to,
that's also one of the main reason of why she destroy so many stuff at home.

We did not give her away, don't be mistaken, she is our baby girl afterall.
She is just staying at our mom friend's place,
so that she can be love whole heartedly.
What we did is also best for her, I hope ?
Ok enough of all the sadness, now it is time for CLUB4PAWS !

Presenting to you STORM the pup at Club4Paws.

Isn't he cute ? Look at those eyes..
Ya, those eyes are the one that says : " BRING ME HOME ! " BOL.

Don't point at me Daddy ! Don't you POINT at me !

Weee~ Look at my floppy ears !!!
You can click on it to magnify it ! BOL.

BOL. I am so gonna kill sister for taking such a no comment photo !
HAHA ! She is so so so LAME.

I don't understand why is she ALWAYS taking photos of Storm !
*jealous* HELLO ! She have such a cute puppy (ME)
I mean ex puppy & now a big macho handsome boy(ME)

Look, she is taking photos of Storm AGAIN !
Will someone train the girl to do her job properly ?!?!
That is taking photos of ME & ME ONLY ! BOL !

I am so FURIOUS that I think I need a splash to CHILL !

Nope I am so not gonna let you take a photo of my charming eyes !
Go take photos of Storm instead ! GO AHEAD ! Be my guest !
Sis : " Cody is such a petty dog huh ? LOL "

Presenting... TASHA !

WOAH ! This pawto is SO SO SO HAPPENING !
Magnify it ! It is kinda funny, I think... BOL !

Ahhh CATCH !!!! Love it !!!

Me fooling around with Happy !
HAHA, you should have been there !
There to see how many time I tried to drown her !
Like what I did to my dear blog friend, Puddles. BOL !

Handsome me & Happy's fetch toy.

BOL, me trying to fool around again !!!
Sis : " HAHA ! More like drowning her ! LOL "

Here we are playing the hit chest to chest game.
BOL, although she is a girl, she like to play it rough,
like my obedient class playmate, Narla..
Oh, I sure miss Narla !!!!

Sad News...

We are sad to say that someone have left our pack,
to a better home, where everyone can give her all the attention she need.
Yeap, Joyce have been rehomed, to a bigger and better home.
Her new owner is our mommy friend, so we will get to see her often.
& hopefully keep you guys updated oncce we visit her.
Sister have a very hard time yesterday, she cried,
as she could not bear to see Joyce go.
But not to worry, Daddy say she will always be our dog,
if she misbehave over there, Daddy will bring her home !!
Hopefully she turn the whole house upside down, so she can come home !
I sure miss my sister...
& what's more ? She is going to miss Paco,
hopefully her new owner let her use the computer. BOL.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Movies Madness !

All of my humans have not work or school today !
So that means ?! Fun time at home with us.
Sadly we can only be at home,
as it have always been such a RAINY day these few days at our side.
A dog never loves the rain, right pawpal ? BOL.
Unless it is raining and your human still bring you OUT !
Okay so my human went out at the afternoon & came back in the late afternoon.
They rented a few DVDs for us all to wathc at home.

Sister told me to choose between...
Beethoven's Bug Break & Space Buddies..
Oh dog ! I wanna watch both,
but the human say ONE first !
So I chose....

My paws on BEETHOVEN ! As I am as big as him,
BOL. I know I know ! He is like so much bigger than me !!!

C'mon C'mon ! Hurry up with the start button on the player !!!!
Or else... I will pee everywhere ! HAHA !
& after Beethoven guess what did we did ?

Oh I just love the buddies !
It reminds me of me when I was a puppy !
Ain't they cute ?!?!?!

Ahhh, closer view !!! HAHA !
Oh yeah pals ! I or should I say WE recommend you all to watch this two show.