Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Not Wordless Wednesday

Our friends, Addie, Lucie & Hailey tagged to play a game! 
The Rule of the game is to open your first photo folder, 
post the 10th photo and the story behind it and then tag 5 or more fluffs to play!
To be fair to all of us, we picked every 10th photo in each of our folders ;)

This is a picture of Lady when she is a puppy,
playing with her very first Nylabone.
A big difference huh ?

Zena very first day at home.
Yeap, the SUPER black pup is her ;)

Cody very first dip into the pool ;)

When Roy just arrive to Singapore from Argentina.
He have to be quarantine in the quarantine room for a month with his dad.

We would like to tag:

5. Dr D- Dino

& Now, Award(s) time !!! ;) 
Thanks Toby for these awards, we are so happy to get these awards :)

Rules for the Happy 101 Award
Copy the image and paste it to my blog
List 10 things that make me happy, and do one of them today
List 10 bloggers who brighten my day

1. Getting treats every now and then
2. Getting our everyday walks
3. More toys !!!!
4. Getting enough sleep everyday
5. Get to see all my DWB pals post everyday
6. No bathes ! :P
7. Learn more new tricks *force to say this !*
8. Get to go out often
9. Get to travel around the world, that is not so possible.
10. Get to go shopping whenever our human go to any pet shops.

Rules for the Sunshine Award
Post the award
Send the award to 12 bloggers Post links and leave a comment on the 12 blogs
Put these instructions in my post so they'll know what to do.
To make it easier, I will send both awards to the pawpals below ;)

10. Dory
12. Sierra Rose

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our long & fun weekend ;)

Our video for the long fun day !!! ;)

We had a fun Sunday ! We took a lot of photos ;)
Here are some of it :D


The skinny great dane we met ;)
Cody wasn't being very nice to him.

Cody, the grass eater ;D

Roy just love playing with the puppy beagle :D

Roy and the rugby ball

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Brand new look ;)

Hi pawpals, we had a brand new look !!!
Wait a minute ! Not us, but our blog !!
Do you like it ? As we love it so much.
All thanks to Sugar and her mom Rosalyn.
They helped us a lot in our blog makeover ;)
Thank you so much !!!!!

Presenting Sugar ! Thank you so much for helping us edit our blog ;)

Oh ya, Roy & I are going to West Coast Park Dog Run tomorrow morning !
Anyone else going too ? Hope to see familiar faces there ;)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The gentle sleeper at home

Hello paws !
We have a unique way in sleeping in our house.
All of us sleep in the same way,
except for Lady ! You will never see her sleeping like us.
And I really mean NEVER EVER !
Maybe due to her name, she sleep like a lady.

Lady's way of sleeping.
Poor girl have to wear the Cone of Shame.
As she keep scratching until she will bleed.
BOL. And now for our sleeping position.




Ok and now for our dear brother Paco !
He is not feeling very good. So please send him some healing vibes.
Aunty Simona is very worried of her baby boy.
We told Joyce the news and she send us some stuff to send over to Paco.
So we maybe sending asap. As sis have been busy this few days.
She have to get some stuff for our brother too !

Lots of hugs,

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Splash

Hello Pawpals, me and my brother Cody went swimming on Saturday.
That is few days back ;)
It has been a raining season for us nowadays,
so there goes our walkies ! Arghhh !
But lucky our human let us swim on Saturday, after the rain stopped.
Luckily the weather is being fair for us.

But still, rain rain go away,
little puppies wanna go walkies !
Here are some snapshots of our day at the club on Saturday ;)
Enjoy !!! :D

Wee, splash !!!

Wee, look at me !!! *jump*


into the water I go !!!! :D

Ready for take off ?

3.. 2.. 1..



haha I finally won Cody in swimming and speed !!!
Cody : " For once only ! haha ! "


Me going for another big jump !!! ;)

Sister is such a pervert !
Taking my butt shot ! BOL.

BOL, this shot almost drown our camera ! :P
Lucky our sister safe it ! Or else there goes our camera !
It is not waterproof too. phew !

Cody : " yeahh ! Addie have receive my pressie to her ! "
Addie your best pressie for me is your answer ;)
You know what I mean. BOL.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Finally ! My very very own bed ! ;D

Hey pups, Roy roy roy here ;)
You guys know that Cody have a bed since he was a pup.
& I was telling my human to get a bigger bed fur me,
as my previous one is too small fur me !
& FINALLY, they got one similar as Cody.
But I don't quite like the colour !

The human was ensuring me that they will get a bed cover for me soon.
Hopefully it is not PINK anymore ! haha.

Here is my brother with his bed.

& here is mine ! haha,
I don't know why I keep lifting my front paw.

See what I mean ? I don't understand why is my front paw behaving in this way !

ok enough of the photos,
it is time fur the pup to go to sleep right ?

ok pups, it is VIDEO time ;)
Our human sort of use the same song as the previous video.
She claims that that suit us a lot. BOL,
I guess another reason is because she do not have any more ideas of song fur the videos ;X

& okok, I admit about what Cody said,
I am doing a surprise for somepup on her barkday.
Oh man that big mouth big brother of mine !
Cody : "WHAT ! 1 June 1 June ! " :P

Lots of drooly kisses,

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Lots of drooly kisses,

Monday, March 15, 2010

Our Weekend Blast !

Hey Pawpals ! We had a blast yesterday !
It was raining, and we thought our human won't let us have fun anymore.
But they did not fail us ! They join us to have fun in the rain !
Wooo ! So long as there is no lightning, our human allow us to swim !!
BOL ! You people rocks !
Due to the rainy weather, we are the only souls in the pool !
BOL, many paw buddies and their human are not that sporty like us ! BOL.
They head for shelter at the cafe ! :P

Hmmm.. I am still figuring out what is happening one 1 June,
Roy say he is going to make a mini surprise fur somepaw.
But who ? Any idea what is happening of 1 June ?
That pup just wouldn't tell me !

Ok, other than that ! Our post is gonna be flooded with pictures !
Mostly photo of the pup ! As I did not really swim much.
As I am more interested about what the boarding dogs are barking about.
Because of that my sister human keep calling me BUSYBODY yesterday !
Arghhh !

Roy heading for the ball !
There he goes....


Hey where is that pup !??!?!?

Oh there is Roy, heading for another splash in the pool !


He sure love to plunge into the pool.
I hate it nowadays ! BOL.

Another ! HE sure love to do the splashing thing !

Ok, now I guess I know why he pee so much yesterday !
He drank too many pool water ! BOL.

Ahhh ! HE is not Roy if he do not have that GOOFY face !

Roy & finally yours truly, Cody, ME !

Roy and his love for Tennis Ball !!!

YES ! Got it !!! But sister did not quite got Roy in the photo ! BOL !

Eyes on the ball as always !

*come to papa*

Ahh, a ball expert always have their failure time.
Missed it !

So he did not give up, and go fur it again !



Ok ball break time, now fur some splashing fun !

This may look like is me, but it is not,
it is still Roy ;D

There he goes again !!!

BOL, look at his wacky face !

*splash* there he goes AGAIN !

Believe me ! He can go on like this for at least 1 and a half hour !

No joke ! This pup is just full of energy !

& there he goes again !

& again


haha that very unglam face of his ! BOL !

Dog version of the flying elephant Dumbo ?

It is time to let the puppy look at the pro at work !
BOL. Roy vs Cody in jumping into the pool !

Roy is leading first !!!

I did not catch up after my first jump...

But after I did my double jump !

I took over that pup in no time !
HAHA, Roy have a long way to go to try to out swim me :P

& Now fur a little tug-a-war !
Arghhhhh !

It is video time !!!!