Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Updates on Lady's Health

Lady went to visit the vet last night .
The Vet Dr Heng assumed that she have a womb infection .
She prescribe Lady with some medicine ,
& if she still continue vomiting & refuses to eat ,
she said that an operation maybe needed .
Daddy & sister was a bit stun when they heard about it .
They were like crossing her finger for her to recover .
But she doesn't seems to recover .

Oh ya , & Daddy is gonna bring me to Club4Paws tomorrow :D
Cause I will be having another jab on Friday ,
therefore , I can't swim on Saturday :D

My fatty face !

Thats how long my tongue is :D

Ready for the camera !
Keep the EYES close (:

Me & my tennis Bone !

Lady's medication ):

Monday, September 29, 2008

Our poor Lady .

Lady's health isn't recovering @ all .
So later on , human daddy is gonna bring her to the vet .
Boo-boo , sister have Chinese Paper 1 & 2 today ,
she speck Chinese to us !
& we were all like ' ??? '
Cause sister is more on the English side .
When she speck Chinese you will ask her something ,
" what are you specking ? which county's language ?! '
Woof woof !

That pup is playing with his NEW toys ,
leaving the old one in the box !


our poor sick girl .

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Videos & Cody's Darling

Videos as promised !
Hope you guys enjoy it ! :D

Cody line up his darling ,
that is his toys :D

Thats all his toys

& he claims that that is not enough !

Look @ me swim , brother Sam leashing on the schnauzer !
Me , continuing his job by holding the leash for him !

Brother Sam & Daddy watching me swim !! :D

Fetching for the frisbee !
Sissy scared I drown the the Sheltie ,
so she grib me ! :D

Sitting in the water with the Tennis ball !

Fetching my Tennis Ball :D

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A fun day @ Club4Paws

Ok , there is something wrong with blogger ,
We could not upload our videos ,
so we promised that we will upload it tomorrow yeah !
But at least the pictures can be uploaded !
Thats Cody in the Club4Paws ! :D

Lady have been vomiting lately .
& she does not really feel like eating this few days .
any advise pups ?

When I just reach :D

Oh , that's Jesse the Yellow Labrador

haha , that Brown Doberman I mentioned last week !
Sam did not really attend to him much today :D

Agilities for me ?
I am afraid not :D

Running puppy I am !

Sissy did not take Daddy picture (:

Daddy trying to force me into the pool !

'Brother' Sam holding that Schnauzer !

Ready to jump in anytime !

Yipee ! See how good is ' brother ' Sam ! :D

Playing with the Beagle !

I came out of the water :P

ME , swimming happily !

The beagle too !

Oh , is that me ?
Nope its Chloe the Golden I think .
Did not really know what is her name :D

Wow ! there is a lot of ' ME ' today !
But I am in the play pent !
Cause Daddy scared I play too rough & injure myself .
He say wait till older first ! :D

Sugar , the Groomer's Schnauzer .

My new KONG & Tennis Bone !

Happily playing with my KONG :D
But my wish list is to get the Black XL one !
But human got me this D:
Oh nevermind , maybe someone will be generous to give me (: