Friday, September 12, 2008

Save the stuff animals from our dogs :P

Human sister came home after school today ,
& she found out something fishy !
As whenever she come back ,
all three of us will run towards her
& welcome her back with our tails wagging !

BUT today , only Lady & Zena came !
Cody wasn't around !
Then sister heard sounds coming out from her room !
She quickly rush & see whats going on !

End up ? This is what she saw !!!
Cody pulled down the big stuff toy dog from her bed
& sort of play with it !!
Actually his dragging it in his mouth !
That naughty pup !

If it was Lady & Zena who did it ,
I guess they will get scolding !
BUT Cody seems to get away with it !
& human end up taking photo & videos of him !
What the DOG ?

Lady & Zena @ the Balcony !
They sure need a fur-cut soon :D

Help save that stuff doggy !
Cody : ' I don't care ! I wanna bite it ! '

After biting ?
Its time for my daily routine !


  1. How com puppies can get away with murder and we get in trouble for the same stunt! Not fair!
    At least he didn't rip sister's doggie!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. What a big toy! It's even bigger than Cody! Looks like alot of fun! Next time play tug of war with your sisters with that big toy Cody!

  3. Woof, Pups

    Oh my dog!!! Look at the size of that toy. You pups need any help with that? Let us know, we'll beam right over.

    Desert Pups

  4. Nice to meet you!
    I saw your name in DWB and wanted to come and say hello!
    Kisses and hugs


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