Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lots of pictures & even videos (:

Sleepy Cody with his beloved BONE (:

Is that my fur floating around ?

No , its just Lady & Zena walking around ! D:

Kk , back to chewing of my bone !

Are you taking my picture again !?

Uh-oh ! Taking my pictures really make me sleepy !

Zena , enjoying sitting on human Sister lap (:

I chew & chew on my bone !
Hey , what are you looking at ?!
Go find yourself one ! As this is mine !

Enough of the Bone , now my KONGGG !

Biting Zena leg ! :D
Caught by sister , but I gave the innocent face ,
so she did not reprimand me (:

Zena & Cody

Cody sleeping soon
& Zena super distracted !

Sister is making a weird noise ,
resulting me with that tilted face :D

All looking @ Daddy !

We are the Super Snooze-r !

Sleeping soon !


ALL tongues out !

Theres food in sister hand !

Cody's grumpy face again !

Exhausted after long hour of photo session !?

Cody bite Zena !

Last 3 pictures !
Lets give sister our smile or I don't think she will let us off ! :D

Learning how to use the computer (:

Zena the silly curtain girl (:

Presenting Zena

Videos (:

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  1. Looks like you had a great time at Club4Paws! My mum forbid Barley to have long walks too when he was younger as it is not good for puppy goldies hind legs.

    Mum is thinking of checking out Club4Paws one day. It's so cool to have a club for us doggies!


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