Saturday, September 6, 2008

New KONG toy :D

Today is a pawfect day to us .
Cody got another new KONG toy !
He simply love biting all the KONG toys :D
Daddy bought treats for us ! :D
We are simply loving it !
Uh-Oh , our human gave Cody a nickname .
Lazy Pig ! He can't stand for long .
After a few second you can see him lying around
& the next moment you will know ,
He is sleeping :D

Hope all our woof pals have a wonderful weekend :D

They call me Mr.Fatty/Lazy bum-bum :P

See the reason why now ?
Can't help but SLEEP ,
instead of ' Can't help but wait ' by Trey Songz

Lady the gorgeous :P
Poor Zena , Lady totally stole her spotlight :P


  1. Wow! A new kong and treats sound great! I hope you´re having a wonderful weekend! Those pictures are adorable!

    Love and licks

  2. Hehe...a new Kong toy is always the best! Love the photos of you guys! Hey, how about posting some photos of you all enjoying your treats in a Kong? *wink*



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