Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our Doggie Family Picture (:

Our photo are by height ! You notice ?
From the Left to right -> Tallest to Shortest :D
Cody , Lady & Zena :D
Human Sister is having a very stressful month !
Exams are stressing her up !
Thats why Cody want to bring her to the Club 4 Paws @ Sat !
& he miss Human Brother Sam & he can play @ the same time (:


  1. That's kool! But when it comes to age, it should be going from an ascending order right?

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  2. I love all your pictures! I love you buddies!

    Love and licks

  3. That is so cute!!!! And it's really sweet of Cody to come up with idea to destress your Human Sister :D Hope you'll all have fun on the coming Saturday ya!

    Bee Bee

  4. Hi girls and boy,
    That's so cute! Poor Cody was struggling to stay awake and keep his eyes open... Hehee..
    How's your sister's exam preparation getting on? Tell her not to be too stressed about it ok? I am sure she will pass with flying colors ** wink**

  5. Nice pics! It's hard to get 2 dogs to stay for a nice picture not to mention 3 dogs! We wish your hooman sister's exams all the best! Oh ya, we have an award for you boy and gals. Come see!


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