Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sleepy , Lazy Doggies !

Daddy say this photo of me look like a lion yawning ?!
OMG ! Am I so fierce looking ? :P

I am meditating !
Shh ... Ohm ... Ohm ... Ohm...

Me , acting matured .
But I am still young in the inside out (:

Giving daddy sulky face !
Cause he confiscated my KONG D:

SMILE for the ugly looking device ! ( CAMERA )

I Love My KONG !
But My human Sister love to stuff that bone in it !
Why not from bone to FOOD ?!

Do you see me ?
No you don't ! Thats just my eyes (:

Dreaming & putting my paw in my mouth (:

Erm , thats the normal Cody .
The FATTY & LAZY BUM BUM they call !

Notice something ? Daddy did not post both of my sister picture .
Cause they were busy taking pictures of me ?
Nah , just joking . Their picture will be uploaded some other time !
Because I am much cuter than them !!! :DDDD
Vomit* Teehee !


  1. Oh Cody! You look so chubby and cute!!!!

  2. Cody you are just too cute!

    But we have to confess. Sister told me i just HAD to come visit your blog because we saw SCHNAUZERS in your profile picture!

    Sister just LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES schnauzers!

  3. Hi Cody,
    You are a cutie... My mom loves your 'sulky face' pic!! I think my mom is in love with you..she's hoping to 'matchmake' you with my little sister Hershey since you are about the same age. Wahahaa...
    So your babies will be Golden Collies?? Border Retrievers?? :)

  4. Ooh...the first photo of you and your tongue is so funny! hehe! You have a VERY long tongue, Cody! =P And you look so cuddly, like a big teddy bear! I'm sure you get loads of big hugs from your parents,right? *wink*


  5. You've got the longest tongue, Cody!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch


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