Monday, September 22, 2008

Any suggestions ?

Snow buddies is a nice show Paw Pals :D

Zena !

Cody serious look ? Nah !

His is obviously looking @ something !

Tired after getting prank from sister to come here & go there :D

The Three Musketeers !
Sister keep complaining that we are a handful !
Cause when Lady is staying still ,
the other two of us were either turning away or walking away (:

Lady the Queen of the house .

Zena our doggy princess

Cody , our prince with his wishbone !

Its obvious that sister is having a food in her hand (:

A picture sister found on the internet !
A butterfly on a pups nose !

This is my version ! If you add in the butterfly ,
do I look like the other picture ? :P

Thats how close Lady & Zena are !

Cody with his KONG stuffed with a nylon bone :D

Showing of his jaws muscle !

Cody wearing his red collar !
& Cody love Red a lot (:

My human want to ask some other paw pals' human for some help .
She want to know what supplement is good for the hips & the joints !
As currently , Cody is eating Glucosamine .
My human is very scared that I will injure my hips ,
as its a common problem for Golden Retrievers .
Any suggestions of food or supplement ? :D
Thanks !


  1. Hey guys,
    thanks for stopping by our blog and sighning our guest book. It was so nice to meet you. When we saw your picture in our guest book, we told ourselves that they seem to be like a fun bunch ^_^

    all three look super adorable. We enjoyed looking at these pictures of yours

    Maltese Paws,

    Snowy and Crystal

  2. Woof Musketeers

    Great photos, you pups look like you always have a lot of fun. We don't know what else you could try besides Glucosamine but if you find something else let us know, please. Norman has Valley Fever(some weird fungal infection) in his left front elbow and it causes him pain sometimes.

    Desert Pups

  3. Hi Girls and Boy,
    I think Blogger ate the earlier comment that I tried to leave on your blog.. hmmph..
    The only supplement I know of is glucosamine.. my mom bought this treat that aids in the prevention of hip dysplasia too (or so the packaging claims..) cos Hershey's breed is prone to this problem too. Let me check on the name/ brand and I will let you know.
    Love the pic of the GR pup with the butterfly on his nose!! Cuteeee..

  4. Well, all we take is the normal Glucosamine but the hooman ones not the doggy ones. Becoz the doggy ones is more expensive compared to the hooman ones & it's less in milligrams. The hooman one is exactly the same except cheaper. Glucosamine will not help to cure hip problem but it will help to maintain. We only take it every two days not everyday becoz it's not really required.

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  5. I am way behind on everyones blogs. Will catch up soon.

    Simba x

  6. Heya Cody,

    Yes, glucosamine is usually the supplement to take. Also, vit D (sunlight) is important for proper calcium absorbtion and bones development too. 15-20mins of outdoor sunshine (morning/evening sun) per day would normally be sufficient for any of us.

    You can check with the vet when you go for your next vaccination. Usually an experienced vet will be able to assess (by looking and by touching etc) if your hips are ok.

    If you are going for sterilization next time, you can get the vet to do an x-ray at the same time on your hips to see if there's any probs. That's what mum did to Barley. We recommend Dr Ling at Namly clinic. She's one cool vet ^_^

    Cocoa and Barley


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