Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hugs & Kissy ! :D

As promised , we are gonna put the Schnauzers picture today .
But unfortunately they can't live without Mr.Cody .
So there will be still Cody's picture (:
Cody is kinda heavy now
& human sister can't really carry him anymore !
His about 13kg+ now !
Imagine , a 4month years old + Golden ! :D
Mummy is not home yet , so no BIG meal for us tonight !
Cody have been always barking to us that Hershey is cute !
& forgotten about his Schnauzers sisters ! How can he ?

Lady is sad that Cody prefer Hershey than her ?
Nah , she is not so emotional :P

Lady don't want human to take her photo !

Lady & Zena God sister ,
Snowie !

Zena the tomboy ! :D

Tired after playing with human sister a 30min fetch !
Wow ! Thats long !!!!

Cody wanna hide behind sister leg ,
But his just too big to not be seen :D

I am looking @ the butterfly on the wall (:

Thats very common :D
I love sleeping (:

Lady the queen @ home !
If she say two , no doggies dare say one !
But it seems like Cody dare to (:

Cody the GREAT .
Future King of the dogs @ home :D


  1. My Mommy says Cody is very handsome & say grown up to be a big boned boy with long fur! My Mommy usually can tell just by looking at the size of the paws, legs & fur. Hehe! Anyway, nice pictures of you all!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  2. Woof pups

    Desert Pups here just stopping by and introducing ourselves. Great dog photos on your blog. We really enjoyed looking at them. You pups take care and we'll stop by again soon,

    Woof, woof,
    Scuba, Keiko, Norman and Toby from Life Inside The Fence

  3. Those are very pawsome photos of you all! Sometimes I feel like Lady too...I guess we just don't feel like getting photographed so much,right? Hehe! Hope you all had a great day!


  4. Woof, Musketeers

    Thanks for the birthday wishes for Toby, you can beam over for the party, it's still going on. Oh, our Mom wants to know how do you keep your house so clean?

    Desert Pups


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