Sunday, September 28, 2008

Videos & Cody's Darling

Videos as promised !
Hope you guys enjoy it ! :D

Cody line up his darling ,
that is his toys :D

Thats all his toys

& he claims that that is not enough !

Look @ me swim , brother Sam leashing on the schnauzer !
Me , continuing his job by holding the leash for him !

Brother Sam & Daddy watching me swim !! :D

Fetching for the frisbee !
Sissy scared I drown the the Sheltie ,
so she grib me ! :D

Sitting in the water with the Tennis ball !

Fetching my Tennis Ball :D


  1. Ohhh Cody looks like u gonna take over brother sam's job in teaching doggies how to swim! U look so cute with your paws paddling! Hehe!

    Cocoa and Barley

  2. Cody, you are very good at swimming!
    Have a great day!

  3. Oh that pool looks lovely!! You are doing a very good job there!!! I love to swim but Archie only likes to get his feet wet!! Love A+A

  4. Wow! You are such a great swimmer! I love water too and go out of my way to get my feet and coat drenched. Thank you for visiting my blog. May I link to your blog on mine?

  5. Hi Cody!

    Please say hi to Lady and Zena for me too! I have been SOOO behind in catching up with you...hope you won't mind! Love the photos of you swimming in the pool! I wish I could swim in one too, but Malaysia doesn't have a swimming pool just for doggies...=( I guess I'm going to have to ask Mom to build me one...hehe! *wink* Hope you had a great weekend!


  6. You are a good swimmer Cody, that pool looks great fun.

    Holly & Zac


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