Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oh-DOG ! Study ?!

Sister is having Geography & E Maths Paper 2 tomorrow !
Gosh , never stack books in front of us dogs !

Sister is mumbling about her English Paper 2 .
She say paper 1 is easier !
OH Dog , is lucky that we don't have to go through all these :D

Cody somehow fall asleep after reading the first page of Geography !

All three don't understand , just see pictures :P

Lady even try solving the sums !

Lady : " Sister , Trigonometry is what ? " :D
Cody : " I am about to faint when I see that ! "

I am going to S... S... Sleep...

Smile !

Boring !

Exhausted !

This is what will happen if I study :P

Acting LAZY !

Showing of my teeth :D

Hey theres a Golden Retriever in this thing !
Hold on pup , I will save you !


  1. LOL, go get that pup in the mirror Cody!

    Studying... blah! It's no wonder they fell asleep and were bored!
    Although, Lady looks like she is making some progress!

    Great pix!


  2. Psssst... I have a surprise for you! I gave you an award! Please stop by for a visit to get it.

  3. Hehe Cody, we act just like you infront of mommy's school papers :p

    Maltese Paws


    p.s. we don't mind you linking us

  4. Looks like you have been working hard. I hope that dog in the mirror is ok.

    Simba x

  5. Eh wats Trigonometry? Mum says it's something like Sine, Cosine, Tangent... err.. are these edible??


    Cocoa and Barley

  6. Hey at least you're not eating the books like I do when mummy is trying to read. hehe

    Lotsa Love

    p.s. I added you guys to my pal list

  7. Ladies!! and Hello Cody! we have been away too long sheeseh. Our computee is still not fixed but a matuer one came to live with us but it has limitation boohoo we can't see all your pictures but the ones we do Wow ya'll should be in magazine! Trotted over to give ya'll lots of love licks we missed ya! xoxo

  8. Woof Pups

    It's a good thing you're there to help out with the studying. That whole trigonometry thing is crazy. Maybe it would help if one of you ate the calculator.

    Desert Pups

  9. Study sound bore...all the thing that hooman did sound bored. But Cody, you do know how to entertain yourself and the rest of us.

    Good luck to your sissy and have a great weekend!!

    slurpy licks,

    pee-ss: I added you all into my buddy list.

  10. Cody!! You and Hershey are a 'match made in heaven'!! Just the other night she was barking at her own reflection and trying to play pounce with the 'Border Collie in the mirror'!! (We had a great time laughing at her... Hehehe)
    Oh wow... at least you 3 tried to study.. Me? I chew up textbooks.. :P

  11. Hi Lady, Zena and Cody!
    Good job helping your sis with her studies.
    Hey Cody! You got to save that puppy??
    Love you buddies!

    Lots of licks


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