Lady left us on 28 June 2011, due to a scary thing, cancer. Our human had a very tough decision, and in the end, let her went in peace, as she was suffering then. She couldn't undergo any more operations due to her age and the amount of operations she have had. Therefore, our sweet angel Lady is now over at the Rainbow Bridge watching over our family.

She have been very protective and loyal dog despite her size. Don't mess around with this little girl. She's very smart and will follow anyone she didn't know all around the house under she fully trust him/her to behave in her house.
Graceful, Beauty, Loyal...

She can be really bossy to new comers who entered our house. If we need 3 words to describe her, it will definitely be those 3 above, "Graceful, Beauty, Loyal". She's like a princess, very lady-like, but sure is a little too talkative for a princess. She could not endure pain, so her fur better be tangle-free, otherwise, you will be in a hell lot of trouble. She's very very greedy when it comes to food, and will never share with anyone else except us (humans) or Zena. Really an attention seeker. But despite her size, she taught us many things. Priceless lessons..

She make the most wonderful and protective mom of 3 during the year 2003 too. Did I mention that she need a human being to be at home no matter what when she is nursing her mom? Otherwise she will just whine the whole day at home. So grandma have to come over to puppy sit the pups and her. Her pups are named, Ocean, Beckham and Angel. 2 boy and 1 lil' princess. They are all doing well at our relatives' house now.

All seems well until 2008, Lady have gotten "Womb Infection", so she have to undergo an operation to have all her reproductive system removed. A few years later, poor girl was down with cancer.

Little Lady with her bone :)
Cody with Lady

" Roarrrrr ! "
Regal little furball.

Through the dog blogging world, she have met her prince-charming, Scooby. He was a very stunning big and macho aussie boy. His mom, Shannan is such a nice mom-in-law who always pamper her with gifts. A little love story on the duo :)

 First kiss when he came to our house.

Scooby is from Western Australia along with his two other sister, Suzuki & Tahlia. Both his sister have also found their love one all thanks to Scooby. His sister Suzuki also have her own blog at :

He is a doggy match maker. That is how we met him too. He is helping all those pup that are looking for a cyber love. He helped a few of our pals find their love one. Go to his blog now, you may find the pup that you love too :D

THEIR WEDDING on 26 June 2009

Hubby Scooby & I
♥ over at the reception ♥
Our vows to each other

Our gorgeous bridesmaid !
Hershey, Addie & Sister-in-law Suzuki
Our hunky groomsdogs !!!
Rambo, Checkers & Brother Cody