Lady & ME !
( Yeah , the super black one is me )
Hard to believe huh ? :D

Lady & ME all grown up !

My heavy brother , Cody & ME

Me & my beloved brother

all 3 of us ! Soon to be 4 :D

Name : Zena
( Her name actually came from Xena the female warrior )

Species : Dog ( Duh .. it's so obvious ? )
Breed : Miniature Schnauzer
Date of Birth : 14 June 2002

o Temperament :
- Very friendly
- Super energetic when it comes to food
- Whenever Lady bark , she will follow along
- After she did what she want to , she will head to her sleeping land !
- Very tomboyish ( maybe because of her name )
- Her endurance level is very HIGH (:
- If Lady started growling at the puppy ,
she will pull the puppy away from her !

o Loves :
♥ Anything related to FOOD
♥ Playing when she really feel like it
♥ Red & other bright color is her favorite color !
♥ Love to sleep all day long
♥ Calling people to carry her up the bed

o Her History :
At year 2003 , Zena had a false alarm ,
as in we thought she is pregnant as it was a shot gun ,
her tummy was very bloated & look like a pregnant dog ,
but after two months , she started whining & stuff ,
so we brought her to the vet , & the vet say there was nothing in her ,
only some break water bag , isn't it weird ?

do visit her adventure with her other older sister & younger brothers ,
Lady the Miniature Schnauzer
Cody the Golden Retriever
& Last but not least , Roy , the Golden Retriever
@ our diary : http://ladyzenasdiary.blogspot.com/
We update our lifestyle there almost everyday :D

Both of our portrait drawn by Aunty Suzi.
See~ She know we are an item,
thats why she took the photo of our portrait together !

My handsome boy in his HOT mohawk cut,
but he shave it down now, and still look great :D

Baby and his sister, Emma

US !!

Even though we live in the same country,
we have not gone out together yet, but soon !
My sister promised me that we will go out together some other time (:
I can't wait for that day !
Ebi and his sister always have the best collars & pet id tag,
cause their mom is such a collar collector.
She made sister wanna become one to ! How interesting !
This means I will have nice collar like him too ? BOL !
Remember to visit his sister and his blog :D