Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Not Wordless At All Wednesday

Hey pal ! How are you guess doing ?!?!?!
I, or should I say, we sure miss you all a lot !
My vet visit recently was GREAT !
I got a lot of praise from the veterinarian !
She said I am such a handsome & bulky (macho) boy !
& I have grown a lot ! As the last time she saw me was when I am 6 months old.
I am now 35kg, not overweight, but just nice.

My dearest honey bun, Chloe & Amber-Mae's son, River,
is going for a Ipoh Dog Show soon, wish her & him luck alright !!!
I am still practicing on my free stack for 2010 show.
Weeee ! Daddy order a treadmill for me too !
To build up those hind leg muscles so honey bun will be so in lub with me ! HAHA
That means ?!?! I will be suffering too ? BOL !
Running make me lay flat on the floor !

So how do I look Chloeeeeeeeeeee Honey !!!!?!?!

My human say I do not look like the cheeky Cody,
but a serious one in this one.
Hmm... This is what I call MANLY ! Right girls ?! BOL !

Head slightly tilted to the left.
still practicing on this properly under hand signal command :D

So how handsome am I ? HAHA :D

& even though sissy is having her major exams,
I am still allowed to swim once a week ! YES !
No matter how busy they are,they will always find time to bring me for my SWIM !
Some pictures of my swim swim recently,
& due to the jab, I am ban for swimming for 5 days to a week !!!! Argh !!!

I saw something weird heading the stairway to the pool..

Yikes !!! It is.... Daddy ! LOL !



& OFF I GO TO THE GROOMERS ! Hate it !!!!
So how's your week guys ?!?!?!?


  1. Manly should be your middle name and handsome should be your first!!! BOL!!! Great pics, my heart is pounding for you!!!

    lotsa licks,

  2. You should be a model when you grow up...then again it might me a lot more groomings and those are no fun.

  3. Cody!

    You look very, very handsome my friend! You couldn't look better! I could almost say I envy your looks, hehe.

    I hope you have a grrrrEAT day ahead!


  4. Cody, you are extremely handsome - and we're glad all was well with the vet!

  5. Woo looked SOOOO serious!

    PeeEssWoo: But handsome!

  6. Yup, I agree with look so handsome and serious at the same time! *wink*

    That swimming pool looks fun-ner and fun-ner everyday! Wish I could jump in too!


  7. Ah, Cody, you are a gorgeous specimen! I'm afraid I do not share your love of water, but I am more than happy to play with you. Enjoy the groomers! And, please tell your humans "thank you" for visiting my blog.

  8. Harroooo!!

    Here to say HI to the musketeers!!


    What is DWB by the way?

    Ash the malamute

  9. Hi Cody,
    YES. you do look very handsome and love the seriuous look!! I also dont share your love of water but it is funny watching you!!!

    Thanks for visting my blog, hope to become better friends with you


  10. THanks for asking. Our week is good now that we have the Four Musketeers for friends. Thanks for stopping by! We sure love your blog, but are super jealous of your pool! Have a great weekend!

  11. Very serious and handsome! I think any girl would love you!


  12. Wow, Cody, you are super-duper handsome! I declare you winner of every dog show!

  13. You look great - I bet your cell phone will be ringing off the hook! ;)

  14. Hi guys!

    You are so lucky to have a pool! My brother Knuckles went to the beach once, but I was sick that day so I've never been swimming before... shucks...

  15. Hey Cody & gang! It's been a while since I visited your blog. We've been pretty busy. How's your hooman sis's examination going? We hope it's going well.

    Head over to my blog & check out what River brought back. Chloe didn't get anything because she is overweight otherwise the Aussie would have let her won the Open & Malaysian Bred B*tch Categories. He commented that she's a very lovely girl but too fat. She will now be on a very strict all-kibble diet including me & Faith till we lose weight. Hee!

    You're looking quite fine in those pictures. Just tell your sis to keep watching lots of videos of people handling Goldens in shows so that she can mimic them. Be sure to tell your sis to check out this website to earn more about handling & stacking a dog correctly in the ring:

    And this one about grooming Goldens:

    Mommy learned how to groom us by reading the tutorial in that web. Both the wens are very helpful & informative.

    Your sis should also not just teach you how to free stack, but to also know how to bait you & hand stack you. You need to get a few strange men & women to touch you all over you including your *ahem* or else you might freak out like River did in the ring. He just got a shock there was big Aussie judge touching him. Hope I helped.

  16. Hi there Musketeers!
    Great to find your blog. You are such an adorable puppy and we hope we can be friends here.
    You sure look like you had a great time in the pool!
    Do visit us when you are free. =)

    - Princess, Fudgie, Scrappy, Bullet, Frappie, Mocha & Sugar

  17. wow, a looooooooooooong post for a "wordless" blog. lol

    shame of me for not visited for a long time. :(

    35kg... err not fat at all! i'm sure u r just big bone. dopey is currently 18kgs. i think he's fat *shh, dun tell him*

    wet wet licks



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