Monday, November 30, 2009

2nd Golden Retriever Specialty Show

Hey guys, it's Cody here !!!
I am here to post on Roy's behalf,
as the puppy still do not know how to type.
BOL ! Okay as you know Roy went to his first Dog Show,
I mean Baby Puppy Show and he came in third.
His friend Duchess came in second !!!
HIs daddy, Alex got Best in Show ! Alex is really a big boy !
Macho !!!

Here is Roy heading to his first show

Look at his daddy ! Isn't he handsome ?!
He was the main attraction there !
Lots of people love him !

Look at his gentleman look. Cool huh ?
But he is much bigger than me, like duhhh !

Roy and his goofy looks !
He is kinda clumsy at the show, I heard. BOL !

And beside him was his daddy :D

Roy & his handler Nic

Getting examine by the judge

Both Roy and Nic sashaying in the ring :)

Roy and Duchess

And this are our Best Baby Puppy in Specialty Show :)

& now is Roy's Daddy turn ! ALEX !

Just look at him free stack !
Look at his tail !

Alex doing free stack...

& Tadang he got Best in Specialty Show !!!

Roy's first trophy

Best Baby Puppy in Specialty Show

Roy and his trophy
And he say, next time he wanna be like his daddddy !!


  1. Merdie says those are some pawesome Goldens!


  2. Wow! What a show! Takes some pretty special goldens. Roy is so handsome, as is his dad!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  3. All of you guys are so big and handsome ahhaaha! Congrats!


  4. Hey just doing my holiday card list - you sent me a card last year when my printer was broken so I never sent any cards :(

    Hope you have not moved address - if you have pls let me know on my blog and we can sort via emails.


  5. Hooray for Roy & all the winners!

  6. Off to a great start I see. Congrats!

  7. Wow,how very fabulous! I've seen some dog shows,but never puppies! I'd be thrown out for squealing in delight the whole time LOL

  8. We love your blog! Would you like to be friends? You can visit us at:

    Woofs and Kisses!

  9. Congratulations on the award! You certainly are a handsome dog. :)

  10. Congratulations! Roy and his dad are beautiful!!

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  12. Ha! I knew you guys got a new member in the pack! Oh WOW! Roy is lovely & so is his daddy!!! And congrats to Roy for winning that awesome trophy! Mommy is in love with the size of Roy's paws & just look at his floppy flews. River's paws are small compared to his. BOL! Roy's got a "high butt" but he will change as he grows up. Roy's pretty big for a very young pup. River is going for his next show next week & hopefully he'll bring back something too! My dream is to always see my son on the podium. None of us ever made it that far. Haha!

    Solid Gold Dancer


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