Sunday, December 4, 2011

Finally, we have our very own.......

We have always dream of something for Christmas, as we always envy those who have a pretty big Christmas tree. Finally! Our human trust us not to destroy it and gotten it today! Yay! We have survived with the pathetic sized tree for a while already. I was even there to supervise the human on how they are suppose to decorate the tree.. But we are still lacking of 2 things! Our picture on the tree! Argh! Oh well, maybe another time.
Our pathetic tree :P
Helping out with getting the tree out of the box. Ain't I a good boy? :]
Sniff sniff, don't smell REAL to me.. hmmm...
Handsome me with the tree. heheh
Empty looking tree, just with the pine-cones.
Naked tree.
1/2 way through the decorations :)
They took a pretty long time...
Slow workers :p
Why am I waiting why am I waiting?
Are you guys done yet?!
Yay! Finally! A photo of the supervisor of the decoration team, that is yours truly, me! :)
Our finished product.
Something missing huh? PRESENTS! Why so empty?!?!?!?
Kissy for human daddy! 

Roy wasn't allowed anywhere near the tree yet, humans are training him about his boundaries around the tree. I am currently the only dog allowed to be so near it :) While, Zena too. But she couldn't even be bothered about the tree. How was your weekend? :)


  1. We put a short tree on a table - we don't trust Monty! Great looking tree guys!


  2. Great tree and such good pictures of you next to it :-) Hope some pressies arrive soon - love from Magic xx

  3. That is a great looking tree, and you look so great in front of it! We don't trust Finn yet with one!

  4. SIGH.... THAT is a beautiful tree. You did a WONDERFUL job of snoopervising their... SLOOOOOOOOW work. BUTT I MUST SAY... it was WELL worth the wait. SIGH LOVE IT.
    that KISS was a grrrreat touch.

  5. Your Christmas tree is absolutely gorgeous! We love it!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. Paw-some tree!!! You are such a good supervisor!

  7. Hey, Musketeers - Great Christmas tree! We have to put a little tree on a table because we have a puppy this year. He's a pretty good boy, but I'm not sure we can trust him with a Christmas tree and ornaments.

    I hope our tree turns out as pretty as yours, even though we don't have such a qualified supervisor!

    Great to hear from you!

  8. Yippee! Momma sayz we are gonna get a twee next weekend! It will be the first twee for me!

  9. hi!

    Thanks so much for sniffing your way over to my blog and for pawing such a nice comment! I love meeting new dogs! You pups are gorgeous! And you have a great blog!

    Your little pink Christmas tree is very cute, and you pups look so festive in your Santa hats! Your new Christmas tree is pawsome! Great job decorating! Hope you have lots of presents waiting for you under your pretty tree!

    Love the last photo with your peeps!


  10. That tree looks awesome. We would want to be around it all the time.

    - Fritzel and Midnight

  11. Those are great pictures!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, always nice to meet new bloggy friends.

  12. Great tree, you look so cute next to it!!


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