Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunbathing Sunday

Hey pawpals! I am finally back to blog. Cody can be such a blog hogger you know? It's me, ZENA! Did you guys miss me? I sure miss all of you in the blogland! Our human sister have been wanting a kitty nowadays, but momster just keep saying no. Too bad sis! She mentioned something about getting one when she have her own house next time. haha.

Human sister currently have someone she really admire. Guess who? It's one of our blog pal's human :) It's Honey the Great Dane's human, Hsin-Yi! She really admire the fact that Hsin-Yi is so good at handling animals, and all the facts she have almost ALL knowledge of what responsible pet owners should know. She really wish to be like Hsin-Yi one day :) 

As for today's title? Look who is enjoying the sun on a Sunday morning?

ME! ZENAAAAAA! Long time no see right pals? :) You guys have to let Cody know that he should stop hogging! :P
I do not like to be too tan on the face, therefore I am only tanning my body :)
How did you spend you weekends pals? I really miss you all! 


  1. Zena, you have the cutest hair cut. It really shows off your adorable face. We think sunbathing is wonderful. We think Bert and Goose should follow your lead!!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  2. Hi Zena, it's great to see you! Sunbathing is a great way to spend the day.:)

    Teddy Bear & Sierra

  3. Hi, Zena!
    It is grrreat to see you again!
    Glad you had a nice tanning session!
    Happy weekend!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. hey Zena,

    So furry happy to see you and your beautiful face! I am glad Cody is letting you blog for a change. Perhaps Cody is to lovelorn to blog? BOL! Your sunbeam nap looks so warm and cozy. Isn't being in the sun the best?

    I have seen Honey's blog and it is very nice. Honey's human is very smart and good with animals. Your human sister has good taste! Good luck to her! may be getting a kitty in the house?! Well, if you do get a kitty just remember that dogs rule! :->


  5. Enjoy that sun Zena and please tell Cody I say MWA MWA!

  6. Good to see you again Zena and enjoy that sun! I wish we had some sun here in the UK it is just cold and wet :-( Have a great day - love from Magic xx

  7. Hi Zena - great to see you again! you're looking gorgeous as usual! :-)

  8. Zena,

    It looks like you have the right idea! My pup loves doing the same thing as you on a lazy Sunday too! Looks like you just missed getting a kitty brother or sister! Lucky you, that means that you don't have to share your sunbathing spot with anyone! Horray! Keep up the updates :)


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