Sunday, April 8, 2012

Short Break..

Dear Pawpals & Finn Honey Bun! We are sad to say that we are going on a short break, I HOPE! Well, that's what my human told us though. Our secretary have been real busy at school, *oh bummer* And MY (Cody) Barkday is coming! Hopefully she will not be too busy to even forget about my Barkday PRESSIE :P

You can still email us at: if you really miss us. Teehee! We'll definitely find time to reply you guys. We'll miss all of you, and please don't forget about us :) Will be thinking about you always Finn ;)


  1. WHAT?!?!? OH NOOOOOOOOOOOO! But I just came back. *Sigh* I understand. I hope your human is doing great in school and I hope you have a great barkday. I will be thinking of you!!

  2. Enjoy your break, guys.
    Happy Easter to all of you!

    Love ya lots,

  3. OMD OMD... I will MISS you somethingy Fierce... BUTT I Pawmise NOT to furget you!!! HURRY BACK!

  4. Short break???? WHY?

    Noooooo... don't take too long, ok?



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