Sunday, March 15, 2009

The current Top 25

2) Mason Dixie
36 points

3) Samantha

I'll do what it takes to beat my friend, Terra, to it !
32 points

4) Ludo
28 points

6) Ginger Tan
35 points

8) Frankie

Frankie the tennis champion
the most athletic dog
a good sport when playing games
and best of all she has never hit the ball while playing!!!
vote for me (: !!!
40 points

9) Maika & Dakotah
"doing what we love best"...
running in the woods!

20 points

11) Maggie
18 points

12) Mitchy Boy
16 points

18) Byte
27 points

19) Brax
Every since my trainer got hurt I was put in-charge of pulling her chair,
but they didn't trust be enough to let me pull it all the way,
so her sister stayed in the back ready to "grab" the chair
if I decided to take my trainer off the road...
but pulling a wheel chair is one of the best sports-and great exercise!!"

20 points

20) Alfie
Alfie's HIGH Jump !
25 points

24) Gus
He is the diving champion !
43 points

25) Groovy
'Groovy ballet'
17 points

27) Paco
The Best of the BEST Runner !
58 points

29) Paco
Paco the GREATEST Jumper !
17 points

31) Waldo
He is Superman, flying with his cape !
20 points

33) Suzuki
Surf's Up Dude !

73 points

34) Samantha
Gotta get the kong ! Gotta get the kong!
21 points

36) Amber-Mae
What's a contest without Amber-Mae ?!
*Her captions is on the picture*
28 points

39. Tess
Tess now holds 18 agility titles in various venues, so she's a very athletic pooch!
28 points

44. Nessa
23 points

47. Joey from the Boo Bear
50 points

50. Honey
Who says "big dogs can't jump"?!
34 points

55. Daphne
30 points

56. Daisy
27 points

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  1. Hi, friends!
    All of them are pawesome!
    5 votes for Suzuki, please
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Waouw all those pictures are so beautiful !
    Kisses, Faya

  3. 5 votes for Mason Dixie, we love her !

  4. OMDog! Thank you to ev-furry pup who has voted fur me so far :)
    May I please give 5 points to #4 Ludo today.
    Big licks to you

  5. 5 votes for Frankie !!
    I would love to learn tennis from a tennis champ!!

  6. 5 votes fur 33 Suzuki today please.
    Gruffs from the Scruff

  7. Hiroo,
    I'll has 2 points for #20 Alfie,
    1 point for # 12 Mitch and 2 points for Suzuki #33
    Thanks, Ludo
    Well done to efurrypup so far!

  8. Wow I can not believe I made the top 25, I am so excited! I give my 5 votes today to my boy Alfie. =)

  9. 5 votes to the most beautiful and Talented Maggie the Airedale!!

  10. Awww, MD! We were going to share our votes between you and Alfie....but you get all our votes cus you're such a swwetie!

    So 5 votes today for #2, Mason Dixie!
    Slobbers XX
    ...and kisses fur ma gurl, Alfie xx

  11. Wowwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!we can not believe we made the top 25!!!!!!!!!!!we're soooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we give our 5 votes today to my brother Paco!!!!
    # 27!!!!!
    thanks dear friends for your supporting!!!!

  12. I'm lost here!
    I love every of them!

  13. These are such amazing doggies and I'm humbled to be in their company! You are all awesome! I will for for numbah 3!
    With love and Licks,

  14. We can't believe we're both in the top 25! We are psyched!
    #24, #27 and 3 votes for #33

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  15. Wow I can't belive Frankie & Brax are in the top 25!
    Good luck to all the dogs!!

    Frankie's trainer

  16. Oh, I can't believe that I'm in the top 25 either!

    I wish I could vote for them all coz they're all fabulous! But I think I'm going to give my 5 votes to Suzuki coz I just can't get over a dog learning to surf!!

    Honey the Great Dane

  17. What a cool contest! 5 votes to Honey the Great Dane please! Love, Dino

  18. Mason Dixie is so sweet oh yes and very sporty, 5 votes for her today

  19. We would like to give one of our votes the 2-Mason Dixie, 1 vote to 27-Paco, 1 vote to 44-Nessa, and the last 2 to our Daisy-#56.


  20. WOW! I can't beleive my sister Daphne made it! Guess I'll have to give her some serious paws today.

    I'd like to vote for:

    1 vote for Daphne
    1 vote for Honey
    1 vote for Maggie
    1 vote for Waldo
    1 Vote for Gus


  21. hi everyone! :) so many awsome photos!!!!

    really hard to say... but... 5 votes for suzuki
    surf´s up dude!:)
    Golden Licks PU

  22. Mason Dixie is like lightening, we want her to have 5 more votes today. We love to folow her blog , too. Babe the ox ia Awsome.

  23. Five votes for #39 Tess, please!

  24. Have a great weekend everyone. 5 votes for Mason Dixie !


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