Sunday, March 1, 2009

Voting starts now pup !

Hey pups ! Voting starts now !
Each blog are entitled to FIVE votes per day .
& everyday, the judge , that is us ,
will add 5 points to the lucky 1 who got chosen in our lucky dip bag.

The daily lucky dogs will be annoced in our blog (:

1 April 2009 - The Top 25 will go into the final round .
( It will be easier for people to vote )

How do you vote ?
There won't be any poll or such .
Just type in our comment box on who do you wanna vote .
& 1 point will be awarded to that photo .
Each contestants will be given a number ,
as shown above .

Eg . 12) Mitchy Boy
" I will like to vote for no.12 "
Just state the number in our comment box, tag us or email us
and we will add points to the photos (:

15 April 2009 - Voting close for the Top 25

16 April 2009 ( Cody's FIRST Barkday )
The First , Second , Third , Forth & Fifth winner ,
will be annouce in our blog .
You guys should understand that the First winners award ,
will be biggest than smaller and smaller .
Hope you guys don't mind .

* Do Remember to vote for your favourite photos *
Voting period - 1st March till 1st April
Finals Voting Period - 2nd April - 15 April

* Timing will be going according to Singapore time (:


  1. Good lukhk to all the pawticipants!

    I'll have to take a look at the khontestants again!


  2. we vote 6)Ginger, 20)Alfie, 25)Groovy, 32) Snoop, 33)Suziki. whew, that sure was hard to choose

  3. A very tough selection. Here is my choices in order:

    31) Suzuki
    35) Samantha
    39) Tess
    17) Dexter
    47) Joey from the boo bear

    Good luck to everyone.

  4. Crikey this is going to be difficult. There are so many good photos there.
    We pick 6)Ginger, 11)Maggie,
    18)Byte, 25)Groovy and 33)Suzuki

    Noah Willow Tess Lucy

  5. 6) Ginger Tan
    18) Byte
    25) Groovy
    33) Suzuki
    39) Tess

  6. I want to vote fur:
    4 Ludo, 6 Ginger, 24 Gus, 25 Groovy, 33 Suzuki
    Gruffs from the Scruff

  7. Hi Cody

    Tucker is voting since Daisy is in the contest. Here are his votes:

    2-Mason Dixie
    56-Daisy (got to vote for my girl.)

  8. Hmmmm, it's a tough choice alright....but we has to vote fur each here goes:

    Alfie votes for his girl, 2- Mason Dixie (she's #1 in his book!)

    Rosie votes for 32- Snoop
    Gabbi votes for 26- Rosie
    Snoop votes for 7- Gabbi
    And Mum votes for Mummy's Boy, 20- Alfie

    Good luck all...and well done to the Golden boys P&M for getting the bonus points today....this is fun!
    Slobbers xx

  9. I'd like to place three votes for 39)Tess, one vote for 25)Groovy, and one vote for 33) Suziki. Loved all the pics!

  10. Today we send 3 votes to Waldo and 2 votes to Gus.

    Gus and Waldo

  11. Since Frankie just left yesterday, I send all but one vote to her(4), which would be number 8)Frankie,
    and I use 1 vote for Brax: 19)Brax,

    Frankie's trainer

  12. Okay, here are our votes:
    2. Mason Dixie
    17. Dexter
    31. Waldo
    33. Suzuki

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker


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