Saturday, February 28, 2009

Most Sporty Looking Dog Contest

1) Sabrina :
I'm gonna be the next Pawlimpic Gymnastic Champion!
Trust me!So I'm practicing to stand for 2 hours everyday!
Pls vote for me ya! (:

2) Mason Dixie

3) Samantha
I'll do what it takes to beat my friend, Terra, to it !

4) Ludo

5) Kylie

6) Ginger Tan

7) Gabbi
Gabbi quits the Dughallmor Synchronised Swimming Team

8) Frankie

Frankie the tennis champion
the most athletic dog
a good sport when playing games
and best of all she has never hit the ball while playing!!!
vote for me (: !!!

9) Maika & Dakotah
"doing what we love best"...
running in the woods!

10) Bae Bae
I'm a climbing hammie !

11) Maggie

12) Mitchy Boy

13) Taz

14) Velvet
I'll always save my yellow-friend!

15) Velvet
Winner of 100m sprint posing for a shot!

16) Roxy
Leap of Faith

17) Dexter
Catch it !

18) Byte

19) Brax
Every since my trainer got hurt I was put in-charge of pulling her chair,
but they didn't trust be enough to let me pull it all the way,
so her sister stayed in the back ready to "grab" the chair
if I decided to take my trainer off the road...
but pulling a wheel chair is one of the best sports-and great exercise!!"

20) Alfie
Alfie's HIGH Jump !

21) Milo
The BEST Runner !

22) Milo & Paco
~ The greatest catchers ~

23) Milo
The GREATEST Diver !

24) Gus
He is the diving champion !

25) Groovy
'Groovy ballet'

26) Rosie
Rosie winning the 100m sprint !

27) Paco
The Best of the BEST Runner !

28) Milo & Paco
Catch the ORANGE !

29) Paco
Paco the GREATEST Jumper !

30) Norwood
The one in the red bandana inspiring the brigade to go into battle !

31) Waldo
He is Superman, flying with his cape !

32) Snoop
Snoop in flight !

33) Suziki
Surf's Up Dude !

34) Samantha
Gotta get the kong ! Gotta get the kong!

35) Samantha

36) Amber-Mae
What's a contest without Amber-Mae ?!
*Her captions is on the picture*

37) Toro
believe or not, i can climb the wall just like spider.....i m spiderdog....

38. Tula
Snow Zoomies !

39. Tess
Tess now holds 18 agility titles in various venues, so she's a very athletic pooch!

40. Rusty
Preparing for hunting !
What hunting is it ?

41. Rusty

42. Pruett

43. Nottie Scottie
Running like a mad you can see, the expression and fur says it all

44. Nessa

45. Max ( Brutus Maximus ) from the Bumpass Hounds
Max (Brutus Maximus) swimming in Lake Anna, VA

46. Louie
Louie Zooming

47. Joey from the Boo Bear

48. Joey

49. Puppy Shelby, Belle & blind Gordon from the Bumpass Hounds
J.E.B. races through the snow along the fence with puppy Shelby Belle and blind Gordon to the rear.

50. Honey
Who says "big dogs can't jump"?!

51. Honey
Beach demon! (chasing a football)

52. Gus & Louie
Gus & Louie swimming

53. Gus & Louie

54. Gus & Callie
Gus & Callie zooming !

55. Daphne

56. Daisy
Daisy would like to get in under the wire with her winter running shot

57. CH Hatteras Cape Jule-Rome (Hatty, Hatteras)
Doing agility !
I maybe small, but I can jump !

58. CH Hatteras Cape Jule-Rome (Hatty, Hatteras)
Doing agilities !

59. Callie & Louie
Callie & Louie fighting

We currently have a total of 59 pictures !
Interested ?! Do send us your photo to :
Voting will start on 1 March 2009
Each blog entitled to 5 votes per day .
Anonymous vote will not be counted.

Prizes :
Trouphies and doggy stuffs.
Do be noted that the first prize will alway get more stuff.
TO be fair :D


  1. There are SO many AWESOME GORGEOUS photos, our heads are spinning! How on earth can anyone choose winners??

    Wow! Way to GO, guys! Super idea!!


    Dakotah & Maika

  2. OMD!

    AND I thought BIS at MANGO Minster 2009 was tough!

    Great job all!


  3. BOL I love that photo of Ginger Tan :) He looks lie he has been smacked in the chops BOL
    Big licks to you

  4. This is gonna be a tough contest. All the contestants look so sporty! I can't wait till the voting starts.


  5. OMG, so many fabulous photos!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. This is going to be super hard. There are so many fantastic sporty dogs. You must be working hard to manage your count test ants.


  7. Wow!I like num 57!!how can he/she do that??i mean...she/he is soo short!n they can do it...i'm 'tall'..n i cant do it...*hide face*


  8. OMD!!!!!
    There are a lot of fabolous and gret pictures!!!!
    how can we decide who are the best???
    It will be toooooooooooooo difficult!!!
    Great contest dear friends!!!
    lots of love and kisses!!!

  9. Woof! Great Photos ... it will be tough to vote. Too bad I was not able to participate ... hopefully next time. Woof! Sugar

  10. Woooo! What amazing shots. How does one choose a winner?!? They are equally good just in various poses. Does lolling around on the grass qualify as a 'SPorty'? It is in Dog WOods ... arf-arf.

    Licks and Wags,

    Tuffy of Dog WOods

  11. Oh my goodness, how on EARTH can we vote?? There are so many fantastic photos! It seems unfair that only one dog should win!

    OK, if I have to choose, I think I will have to got for NO. 33 - Suzuki on the surfboard because I just can't believe any dog can learn to surf (most humans barely can!) - what an amazing achievement!

    Honey the Great Dane

  12. Wow, what a great bunch of entries! My mom's a terrible action photographer, so we didn't enter, but if you ever have a contest for sleeping or sniffing, I'll do my best.

    Your pal,

  13. Sooo many pictuers!! We don;t have many action shots iether( except digging) Love and ksises A+A

  14. All those are great pictures!
    I see hard decisions coming!
    Kisses and hugs

  15. I love it everybody looks so great! Hugs joey and Kealani

  16. Today we leave 3 votes for Waldo and 2 votes for Gus.

  17. Wow...This it is sooo hard to choose...

    But, I have to give all my votes to Suzuki #33...

    Abby xxxooo

  18. Awesome picture of Suzuki surfing dude! Love it! The 3 heelers Gus, Louie & Callie are great zoomers and also skilled swimmers!


  19. Today is Golden Day!

    WE vote for:
    and Joey!

  20. Daphne would like to vote 3 votes for her brother Pruett (#42).

    Pruett would like to vote 2 votes for his sister Daphne ($55).



  21. There are so many great photos how do you pick...
    What a great job you are doing..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  22. I would vote, but it's so hard to choose. They're all SO GOOD!
    Anna Marie

  23. I vote
    Frankie and Brax
    I think their numbers were 8 and 18.


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