Sunday, February 8, 2009

Most Sporty Looking Dog Contest

1) Sabrina :
I'm gonna be the next Pawlimpic Gymnastic Champion!
Trust me!So I'm practicing to stand for 2 hours everyday!
Pls vote for me ya! (:

2) Mason Dixie

3) Samantha
I'll do what it takes to beat my friend, Terra, to it !

4) Ludo

5) Kylie

6) Ginger Tan

7) Gabbi
Gabbi quits the Dughallmor Synchronised Swimming Team

8) Frankie

Frankie the tennis champion
the most athletic dog
a good sport when playing games
and best of all she has never hit the ball while playing!!!
vote for me (: !!!

9) Maika & Dakotah
"doing what we love best"...
running in the woods!

10) Bae Bae
I'm a climbing hammie !

11) Maggie

12) Mitchy Boy

13) Taz

14) Velvet
I'll always save my yellow-friend!

15) Velvet
Winner of 100m sprint posing for a shot!

16) Roxy
Leap of Faith

17) Dexter
Catch it !

18) Byte

19) Brax
Every since my trainer got hurt I was put in-charge of pulling her chair,
but they didn't trust be enough to let me pull it all the way,
so her sister stayed in the back ready to "grab" the chair
if I decided to take my trainer off the road...
but pulling a wheel chair is one of the best sports-and great exercise!!"

20) Alfie
Alfie's HIGH Jump !

21) Milo
The BEST Runner !

22) Milo & Paco
~ The greatest catchers ~

23) Milo
The GREATEST Diver !

24) Gus
He is the diving champion !

25) Groovy
'Groovy ballet'

26) Rosie
Rosie winning the 100m sprint !

27) Paco
The Best of the BEST Runner !

28) Milo & Paco
Catch the ORANGE !

29) Paco
Paco the GREATEST Jumper !

30) Norwood
The one in the red bandana inspiring the brigade to go into battle !

31) Waldo
He is Superman, flying with his cape !

32) Snoop
Snoop in flight !

Hey Pals ! We have a total of 32 pictures now ! *wow WoW WOW*
So for those who have not join .
You interested ? What are you waiting for ?
Send us your photos roght now to :
Ok , Due to the amount of pictures we have receive & soon to receive ,
We will organise a final round ,
as in ?

1 April 2009 - The Top 25 will go into the final round .
( It will be easier for people to vote )
* Each blog are entitled to 5 votes per day *

How do you vote ?
There won't be any poll or such .
Just type in our comment box on who do you wanna vote .
& 1 point will be awarded to that photo .
Each contestants will be given a number ,
as shown above .

Eg . 12) Mitchy Boy
" I will like to vote for no.12 "
Just state the number and we will add points to the photos (:

15 April 2009 - Voting close for the Top 25

16 April 2009 ( Cody's FIRST Barkday )
The First , Second , Third , Forth & Fifth winner ,
will be annouce in our blog .
You guys should understand that the First winners award ,
will be biggest than smaller and smaller .
Hope you guys don't mind .

* Do Remember to vote for your favourite photos *
Voting period - 1st March till 1st April
Finals Voting Period - 2nd April - 15 April
* Timing will be going according to Singapore time (:

Any enquires ? Feel free to peemail us at :
OR just tag in our blog (:


  1. Gee this is really hard but I would like to vote for No. 6 Ginger Tan.

    Hugz & Lickz

    p.s. I left an award for Cody over on my blog :-D

  2. WOW you have sooooo very many contestants!!

    And they are all so athletic!

    Good Job!

    Lots of Luv & Kisses
    Addie & Lucie

  3. And MANGO thought he had lots of entries!

    What khool and grrreat pikhs!


  4. I am so late by visiting all my friends....
    The best sport for me is ... a good nap....hahaha I am not very sportive...
    Kisses, Faya

  5. I would like to vote for pixy number 19!is such a nice photo...n oso number 6 n 9 too!

  6. This is my favorite post of the day by far. So many great shots!!

  7. So we do not vote until March 1st, right? or can we now? If so, I will have to think about it. You have a lot of great contestants. so much going on. =)

  8. Everyone is so pawsome !!
    It seems so diff to vote..

    Btw guys, I just passed on an award to all of you.
    Check out my blog for more details (:


  9. Woh.. every dog sure is pawsome

    ~ Bae

  10. Thank you for dropping by my blog :)
    Very cool sporty pics in there.
    Gruffs from the Scruff

  11. Thank you for dropping by my blog :)
    Very cool sporty pics in there.
    Gruffs from the Scruff

  12. Thank you for dropping by my blog :)
    Very cool sporty pics in there.
    Gruffs from the Scruff

  13. There are so many awesome photos! This is going to be very hard to choose!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch


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