Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kards for Klaus !

Opy & Charlie had come up with a very brilliant idea to let Bogie, Ms Lulu, and Klaus
know that we all care and keeping our paw cross for them
supporting them all the way !
So go onto Opy & Charlie's web now to find out more about it now !

Lady & Zena have a mini photoshot session today .
Look at how close they are (:

Lady & Zena ,
sisters ever since 2002

Their every action are about the same .

As you can see ,
Lady is much more taller than Zena .
As Zena is a shorty ! BOL ! *laugh*
Zena: " Oh Cody ! You are not very tall either ! "

So the best way not to make us from mocking on Zena ,
Lady gotta sit down ! BOL !
Zena : " I am warning you Cody ! Don't provoke me ! " *bleh*

Looking at the same direction together?

There must me yummies there ! BOL !

Do they look great or what ?!

Lets put our hands together for the Cheetah Schnauzer Girl !

Lady & Zena


  1. I love how Zena is always smiling! Lady and Zena are adorable sisters... I hope you all have a nice weekend!

    Your Buddy,

  2. Lady & Zena always looked great! We are going to have our own photoshoot for the Kards for Klaus too!

    Butt sniffs,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  3. Wow, Lady & Zena, you took such adorable pictures. Thanks so much for the tribute to Spencer. I went over & votes for her friend & what a better tribute to her to have all the DWB community vote him to the team.

    Dashsie Rule are coming tomorrow from the country amd my Aunt Judy might be bring her boys over too so I'm gonna have lots of fun tomorrow with my dachsie friends.


  4. Bewootiful pictures ladies! I just sent a card to Opy!


  5. Woof! Thanks ... I did sent a photo card Woof! Sugar

  6. Hi Lady and Zena! It's nice to see you. Thanks for the info about the cards for Klaus - Zeke and I just sent a picture. I hope we hear better news soon...

    Your pal,

  7. You both look great! Smile big for the camera! kisses, Shamu and Prissy

  8. What great pics of the girls, they just look so happy together. reminds me of when you see two older sisters shopping at the market, eachothers constant companions through the years no matter what. =)

  9. Nice pics. You two should be on the front cover of K9 Magazine.

  10. G’day Pals,

    You look gweat in those photos!

    Thanks fow coming by,

    We awe all keeping our paws crossed fow Bogart’s family.

    xxx Asta (Oz)

  11. w00f's Pups, wow, how u gonna decide which to send, they all bute ti ful, like u girlies...

    b safe,

  12. You Schnauzer sissies are just so pretty and elegant!
    We mailed our card to Opy not long ago!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  13. girlies are lookin' goooood!
    We just sent our card for Klaus, it's a lovely idea :o)
    We also voted for your cousin today, hope he gets there....he's really close to the top, must be an awesome player! Good luck to him :o)
    Slobbers xx

  14. Hi, friends!
    I've sent my card!
    I like all the pictures!
    Kisses and hugs

  15. Evfurry one of those pics is beautiful. There must have been lots of yummy treats around to get those two to sit so nicely for so many shots.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  16. What beaWOOOOOties!

    Tank woo fur sharing them with us!


  17. Loveeeeeeeeesssss Zena darling~~




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