Friday, May 15, 2009

Precious Moments Friday & A SURPRISE !

Our First Contestant for the Miss Beauty 2009.
Anna Chloe Grace !!! That's my girl !!

The human is trying to stack me the right way,
but compare to Chloe & me,
Chloe look so much fluffier right ! Oh man !
I need to grow more FURRRRRR ! Too bad I am shedding now !!!

Mr Postman came knocking at our house door today morning at around 10am.
Human are all out except for sister, she is still sleeping !
BOL, when she heard Lady & Zena barking, she jump out of the bed,
and went to open the door, *with her messy hair* BOL !
Imagine the postman was like FREAKING OUT in the morning ! HAHA !
WE got mail from Western Australia, Perth !
Is it from our relative ?? Uh doubt so, they don't send us stuff,
only when it's Chinese New Year & Christmas !

WOW ! For the first time, LADY came forward to the box !
She never join in in any of the "OPEN THAT BOX TIME".
But she actually did when this box arrived !
Wonder it's from who, that made her want to open the box !

Oh I should have guessed it,
It's from Suzuki, Tahlia & SCOOBY !
No wonder !!! BOL !
A belated barkday present for me me me !!!!!!! :D

Look at all those neat toys ! Yeahh ! I LOVE TOYS !!!
Thanks a lot Shannan and the pups ! :D

Look & the cool toys & the nice lovely card !
Hey there is a Dog beer !
Wow how cool ! :D

& a cool card from Suzuki for joining in the fun for her 100th Post !! :D

WOW ! So many yummy snacks for us !!! :D
Notice Zena can't wait anymore !
She already choose what she want !

Zena : *sniff sniff* Choco drops ! Come to ma ma !!!

Zena : *piss off* Hurry with those photos will you ! I am hungry already !!!

Let's have some Scooby Doo snacks first !
Scooby Doo B Doo where are you ?!

Cody : " Heading into my mouth !!! "
PS : Not Scooby my future brother in law ! BOL !

Joyce love the Scooby snacks so much,
that she will do anything to have herself one piece :D

Zena still thinking of the Choco Drops,
but a Scooby Snacks will do for now :D

Lady enjoying hers,
& keep thinking of her real fiance Scooby in her mind !

Next Breakfast Menu,

Those Kangaroo Sticks are so heavenly yummylicious !

Joyce have her stick of Kangaroo Sticks !

Lady slowly enjoying hers.

Zena TOO !!!! *drool*

& last on the breakfast menu ...

mmm~ this is yummy ! Look at my fatty cheeks !!!

Joyce : "mmm~ this is just pawlicious ! If only Paco is here to enjoy it "

Lady enjoying hers SLOWLY again !!!

Zena.. BOL ! Once it comes to food,
she is the first one that will charge towards you ! :D

The beautiful dog tags that Shannan help us order !
Thanks a lot ! We love it a lot !

The back of the tag ! Notice Lady one is a little different,
its a gift from Scooby to Lady (:
All of us have of love pups now !! :P

Joyce's collar & tags !
Now all of us have two tags on our collar.
Joyce and I have another colour when we use it for swimming,
& a waterproof tag on it too (:

I love dog beer ! Dad ! Can I have another ?! BOL !

I am still sobber you know (:

Joyce ! You can't have any !
Only pups 1 year above then can drink ! :D
Joyce : " Just a little sip ?! "
Cody : " BOOOOOOOOOO ! "

Ok, now for our last section for today.
Everyone, ehh hopefully it's everyone favourite !!!
Precious Moments Friday, where humans go AWWWWWW ~

Puppy No.1, this was taken when she is around 10 months old.
Like her sister, she can dance,
she is a show dog too ! A hero in MY heart !
She ever donate her blood to other dog before (:

Have you got the answer ????
I think I let of the biggest hint when I say " A HERO IN MY HEART "
That's right she is none other then.............


Next puppy on line, its a HE !
haha, He is an Airedale !
Airedale puppies are the hardest to figure out ! :P
Cause they look so different right ?
He have a sister and both of them go bonkers when there is ICE CREAM !

HAHA ! ICE CREAM LOVER among us will be ....
Maggie &.....

MITCH !!!!!

Ok, last puppy for the week.
She is a awesome cool surf dog.
And is our sister in law soon to be.
HOLD ON ! Only one of us is gettig married !
That is Lady. So she is Scooby's sister ?

But who.... Tahlia or Suzuki ?!?!?!



  1. Scooby snacks? How cool is that! So many great presents!
    Rufus and Indie

  2. Hi guys!

    So sorry for not visiting sooner! My, you sure look like you enjoyed the treats A LOT! They look pawsomely yummy! *grins* Love the baby photos cute!

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  3. Wow - that looks like the BEST parcel in the world!! So many snacks!! It all look so delicious, the way you're all chewing and chomping on drooling...

    Oooh - and those tags are just beautiful! You will look so elegant with them!

    That's a cool new competition - but do we have to show ourselves in the "stack" position? Coz some of us (like me!) don't do conformation dog shows and so haven't learnt to stand like that!

    Honey the Great Dane

  4. I am glad evfurry thing got there in one piece :)
    It looks like you enjoyed the treats :)
    Big licks to you
    PeeS - Scooby will be in touch ovfur the weekend about wedding plans

  5. What a great post!! I wuv woo and reading!! Kisses to everyfurrie!!

    Mya Boo Boo

  6. Wow! Just look at all those yummy treats! My hoomans managed to buy those Carob Scooby Snacks here. It was nice but slightly salty. My Mommy ate quite a bit of it. She likes eating doggie snacks! Cody, that was a good try. My Mommy says you have a very nice head. I'm sure with a little more practice, you will do it just as well. We were never trained to stack really. Mommy just places our feeties in the right place & just ask us to stay. Mommy always stack us on a rubber mat so that we don't slide & make our posture look awkward. Hee! Try asking your hooman sis to throw your ball in front of ya. That way you will stretch forward to go after it & then you will gave a nice stack. By the way, I love those tags! They are so shiny bling blings. Are those real diamonds? Hehehe...

    Solid Gold Dancer+ Puppies

  7. Wow that is a big box of fun for sure. you dogs are ever so lucky. =) love the puppy pics.

  8. Wooooooooo! What yummy treats and such pretty collar and tags. I want one!!!! Mommy finally got around to entering me in your beauty pageant. She had trouble deciding on which stunning photo of my self to put in it...silly Mom, they are all beaWootiful
    -Kira The BeaWootiful.

  9. WOW!

    What a post!

    Grrreat stuff from those special furiends in Perth!

    I have a khan of dog beer too! Furry tasty!

    Happy Weekend!


  10. Hi,

    What a terrific package to get in the mail! ALL those yummy treats... Wowser!!

    Wags & wiggles,

  11. Aw, what cute puppy pictures of Mitch and Suzuki! Have a nice weekend!

    See ya!

  12. Wow great gift!!
    Frankie will be entering the contest soon!

    Frankie's trainer

  13. You sure got lots of goodies there. Sure glad you all shared..
    Great pictures..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  14. those are some terrific gifts you got from Suzi and family - it wasn't clear if you want to play paw it forward? If you do please send me your snail mail addy -


  15. What a lot of super yummy looking treats! Enjoy them all!
    We love the puppy pictures! Great clues, guys!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  16. The presents were pawsome! I love the dog beer. BOL!


  17. Hi, friends!
    All those presents and treats are pawesome!
    The kangaroo sticks look delicious!
    And the tags! Great!
    Kisses and hugs

  18. So much cool stuff and so many yummy treats!

    Have a great weekend.

    Simba and Jazzi xx

  19. What a great suprise! So many treats and toys! Suzuki and co sure do know how to spoil their friends huh?
    I love precious moments friday, hehe.


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