Saturday, May 16, 2009

Swimming Saturday

Finally now we have FOUR contestants for our Mr Dog & Miss Beauty 2009 Competition.
But the weird thing is that... WHY NO MALE DOGS AT ALL !?!?!
Where did all our hunky boys gooooo ?! Oh nooooo~
We have only four lady dog here now. C'mon boys !
We must out beat the girls sometime you know (:
Boys !!! Let's show the girls what we are made of !!!! :P
Click here now & send us a peemail after reading the information (:

As usual, today we went SWIMMING ! Joyce & I only ! :D
But something change today ! Joyce is the first to get her BATH !
I am second ! Yipee ~ Was thinking about getting a chance to get into the cafe !
BUT... NO ! My human sister bought a packet of treats,
& made me do all my tricks. She say she want me to practice outdoor !
So that I can listen her command and not get distracted !
& one thing good about this ?! I am off leash & I got reward !!!

To my amaze, I stayed near sister all the time !
*just because of those yummy treats* Daddy was impressed too,
as he said that he have no faith in me
doing tricks outdoor with so much distraction !
I was only so distracted when a male miniature schnauzer kept sniffing my butt
& tried to hump on me !!! I growled at him furiously & there goes that scary cat !
That dog went to find another target after me !
He seems to be very interested in ANY dogs !!!!

& so after that, I continued, doing some Freestyle dancing with sister !
And both daddy & sister were so proud of me
that I was rewarded the whole packet of treats.
& whats more happier when I do not have to share the treats with Joyce,
as she is having her bubbly bathe (:
Ok, now for some pictures, ENJOYYYYYYYY :D

Oh man ! Who is this water zombie dog !?!?!

That's Phoebe jumping of the deck !
& poor me, she almost jump onto me instead of her targeted toy !

Joyce being as normal as she can.. why do I say so ?
She love running around the pool unless when human shout,
" JOYCE in the pooooool !!! "

Guess why did I do this !?!?
This time I did not did it for fun but for some reason !!!
Sister placed my wubba on the bottom of the pool using her legs,
& I am just trying to get it (:
*human are so evil*

In Joyce book, before you enter the pool...
place your paw in it to test whether the temperature is just right..

Joyce thinking of Paco & thinking how was his trip going currently !
She sure misses him a lot. I CAN TELL with THOSE SAD FACE !

Lady watching "HERBIE"
Lady : " Why not call it SCOOBIE ? It sounds much nicer "
Cody : *smack on the head* " oh man she is love crazy about her fiance now ! "


  1. oooh - swimming looks like LOADS of fun!!!
    can't wait for my human to take me swimming!
    what's the dress code for swimming for retrievers?
    do i wear a barkini / barking suit, or do i swim *blushy face* "au naturelle"?

  2. Maybe it's because it's a "Beauty Contest" & the males feel weird entering in it? Hehe! I don't know! Maybe you should participate in it Cody(but not necessarily compete) just to encourage all the other hunky males out there that it is OK to compete in a Beauty Contest. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. Hey, there's Mr.World too ya know!

    Well, it looks like you kids had a fun time at your Club again. I wish I could join in all the fun but too bad I live far away. You have a nice home by the way!

    Solid Gold Dancer + Puppies

  3. Whoa! You pups are at the pool every week! I am super jealous! Have a great weekend! Love, Dino

  4. Wow.. So good that you went for a swim.
    Until now, i have never experience the 'feel' of swimming.
    Lucky you.


  5. There is nothing better than a good swim! Rufus will be participating in your contest, one boy at least!
    Rufus and Indie

  6. Hi Cody,

    I've never known any dogs that love swimming as much as you and Joyce!

    Wags & wiggles,

  7. Hi, Cody!
    I love to see you enjoying your time at the pool!
    You know I have my own pool but it is not big enough to swim but it is good to refresh my paws, belly and butt!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. Even WE might learn to like to swim with a cool pool like that! We are green with envy!

    (Love the photos!)
    Jake and Fergi (drylanders - at this point)

  9. I'm not a water fan but you guys sure look like you're having lots of fun, esp on a hot day!

  10. Scooby was going to enter your contest but he didn't think he would be allowed to since he is engaged to Lady.
    Big licks to you


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