Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Barkday to Dear Tiberius & Sunday SPLASH

Today is Joyce's favourite guy 2nd barkday !
Do go to Augie & Ti's blog to wish him a happy barkday !
BOL ! She really fancy Tiberius, & PACO !
But she is spoilt between 2, like Ludo ! BOL !
I am so into Chloe Honeybunny only ! :P

Let's introduce to you guys,
little Tiberius aka Ti :D

This is the Ti now, all grown up.
Joyce : " Isn't he handsome ? " :P

A little something from us to Tiberius !!!
Happy Barkday Ti ! We love you !
Sorry that our human did not have the time to mail out your pressie.
But not to worry, it will only arrive late :P
Hopefully you & Augie don't mind :P

I chose to carry the "Tiberius" sign :P

We went to Club4Paws today for another fun splashing day !

Joyce is getting to love the water more than I do.
Remember the first few time when we go to Club4Paws?
remember how much time have she complained she hate the water ? haha !

2 of us raising to get our toy ball !
Joyce following at my back.

Now my turn to be right behind her.

Joyce finally use full speed to jump into the pool.
You can see how much she love swimming now.

*taking a mini-break*

2 splashing dogs at a time.

Racing for that squeaky ball !!!!

Notice that I always lead first ?

Joyce decided to go by a short cut.
HAHA ! Look at her, on the land.

But still, I got the toy first ! BOL !
Wait till you're in the advance level SISTER !

Me jumping into the pool right across Joyce.
I guess I sort of knock onto her. :P

Blue Ball ! Come to papa !

Sister : " FETCH ! "
Cody : "Joyce get out of the way ! We know who will get it in the end. ME !"

ME swimming with my new pal, Maika (?) Do not know how to spell the dude's name

I am Cody, the water dog !!!

Maika(?) keep harassing Joyce,
until she got so pissed off & growled at him very furiously.
Human say it's the first time seeing Joyce so fierce though.
I was a good brother, I helped her sometimes.
But Maika just don't seems to get it !
She is already attached !!!!
He keep following her.
Until I gave up & stop protecting Joyce.

So ya, after a few warning from Joyce,
he still sniff her all over.
Until she really blasted !!!
Full of anger, you can just hear from her growl & bark.
She never barked before, it's our first time hearing the little girl bark.
but not in a sweet mood, but in a angry mode ! HAHA !


  1. Happy Birthday Tiberius!
    Sorry that doggie was bothering Joyce!
    I hope she put him in place!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. You are all ready for the party! YEAH!
    Rufus and Indie

  3. Hi Cody and Joyce,

    Another great day in the pool splashing around! To bad that other doggy had to bother Joyce like that.

    We hope to play in our new wading pool later today.

    Wags & wiggles,

  4. Happy Birthday to Tiberius, another handsome Golden. Sure looks like you both had a lot of fun at the pool - we could use one here today as it is VERY warm.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  5. A post full of beawootiful and handsome Goldens!

    It looks like woo did have lots of fun swimming/playing!


  6. Happy Birthday to Tiberius! You guys are so sweet to put up the signs! *grins* And the fun time at the pool looks PAWSOME! Wish I could join you all! *grins*


  7. Those signs are soooooooo cute! Thanks so much for making a blog entry about my guy! He had a good day today, and at his party last week, and every day when a present from his friends arrived! (Now how is it the humans only get one birthday celebration while the canines get *weeks* of celebrations?!)


  8. Happy Barkday to Ti AND are we correct that Lady's Barkday is in just a few hours? Happy Barkday to you, too!

    That pool looks so amazingy awesome. Especially after our little river adventure, we'd sure like to give some pool swimming a try. We'll enjoy your pictures, in the meantime.

    Jake and Fergi

  9. Happy Barkday Ti! He's such a cutie when he was a pup and now he is such a handsome boy!


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