Friday, June 19, 2009

A surprise !?!?!

Hello everyone is me, Zena.
It have been so long since I touch this blog, right?
I bet many miss me! BOL!
The Goldens in the house are to blame! BOL!

Ok, speaking of surprise...
What does it have to do with my wonderful boyfriend, Ebi?
Isn't Ebi just a cutie ? :) It sort of rhymes though. haha !

Forget to share with you guys what Ebi gave me for my barkday present.
He gave me this collar a few days before my barkday. :)
Sis went to meet Mom-in law to get it (:
A very nice Gummi Dog Collar.
It's my collar too :)

& look what I got in the mail today !?!?
It was a letter addressed to my sis,
but the contents are for me :)
A lovely dog tag, with my name, date of birth,
gender, where I stay, & human's mobile phone number.
& most of all "Ebi Loves Zena"
How sweet is that !??! BOL !
& this tag will be on this collar forever :)

I started to wear the collar from today onwards :)
Modeling with the collar.

My human say I can be a collar model :)
Cause of my shiny coat & short fur :)

So how do I look in my LOVE collar.
Lady have her's & now I have my very own :)
No need to be jealous anymore.

In this photo I look a bit tired right ?
I actually am !
Cody : " Rubbish ! She sleep for almost the whole day ! 20 hours per day I think ! "

Zena : " Sleeping is just the best way to spend my day CODY ! "
Thanks for the presents, Ebi.
I love you tons !!! :)

We are reaching to our 300th post soon !
Do join in the little fun we create on that day :)


  1. beautiful new collar and tag on an absolutely gorgeous doggie

  2. A beewootiful collar for a beewootiful girl!!! I is jealous!! I don't have a pretty name tag like that!!! But, it looks so pretty on your collar!!

    Mya Boo Boo

  3. What a beautiful collar you have...
    and IT'S PINK..
    I love Pink !!
    I have to ask my hooman to get one for me...


  4. Hi Zena,

    Ebi sent you a very pretty collar and the tag is nice too!

    Wags & wiggles,

  5. w00fs's, that collar and tag looks bute ti ful on u Zena...Ebi sure nos what looks good...

    b safe,

  6. VERY beawootifil!

    It is khwite a nice kholour!


  7. Very pretty! I like collars and leashes and things like that, too. We have tons of them, but mostly they are boy ones for my brothers. I like girly ones. Love, Sally

  8. Very nice collar and tag you have there. Yeah, you are a great model for collars!! Pink is my colour too.

    - Santa

  9. You look so pretty in pink, Zena! We love your collar and new tag!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  10. omg, zena - we can't believe we missed your barkday!!!
    *hangs head in shame*

    we looked at theat countdown thingy every day, so we wouldn't miss it (your barkday, that is! *lol*), but STILL my stupid human managed to TOTALLY forget about letting me blog and congratulate you!
    *irritated with my human - plans "surprise" in her shoe*

    BELATED happy barkday to you - looks like you got some pretty sweet barkday gifts!
    i hope you had awonderful day, and that the goldens didn't steal too much of your limelight!


  11. thankyou SO much for nominating a photo from my blog for the "photo of the month" competition!
    me and my human are *very* honored, and when my human found out about this, she immediately called lotta (who's "our" photographer), and told her about the nomination!

    i got an email from opy from "dogs with blogs", saying i should head on over to the bone zone to vote, but when i got over there, i realised that i'm not a member of the bone zone!

    could you perhaps recommend me and my human for a membership - i promise to make sure my human doesn't embarrass you!


  12. That collar looks beautiful on you, Zena - and the tag is very nice too.

    How sweet of Ebi.

    woos, the OP Pack

  13. Zena - you look gorgeous and I love the personalized heart tag. Very nice :o)


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