Monday, August 3, 2009

Our Busy Sunday

Sorry for not updating yesterday pals.
We were so busy yesterday and the human are SUPER Lazy !
Blame on me, having such a lazy human ! Argh !!

Oh ya, pawpals, remember our big contest?
Mr Dog & Miss Beauty 2009 ?
We have given an extra 1 more week plus,
for some who wanted to join, but forgotten.
Latest by 14 August alright, so that my human can
tabulate all the contestants :)
LUDO ! The competition is still ON PALL !!!

Ok about yesterday, I went to the SKC ( Singapore Kennel Club ) Dog Show.
ya, only me, CODY ! Muahaha ! My human is busy bias again.
Just kidding, they just could not manage four dogs OUTSIDE !
We will go CRAZY ! They brought me there to get familiar with the surroundings.
Guess who I met ? I told Zena and she was so so so ANGRY ! HAHA !

how come so many dogs & humans !??!?!?!?

The only dog that will collapse in the dog show, ME !
Please call the ambulance !!!!

The Baby Puppy Show.

Look at all the small babies.

There's even a Golden Retriever Pup !
Not only 1 in this ring !

There are two more behind it's tail.
& the one that got Best in Baby Puppy Show is a Golden Retriever.
But not this 3 of them. BOL !

haha, no me ! I will show you who. BOL.

Lazing around while the human enjoy !

Hello ! Anyone to entertain me !??!?!?!

Argh ! I thought I was suppose to swim today !!!

Ahh, thats the best in puppy show puppy,
the Golden Retriever at the back.
He is very gorgeous !!!

Say wooooo to the husky :P

Hey, wait a minute, did I sense something familiar ?!?!

Oh my dawg ! It's Ebi ! Zena's beloved boyfriend !
Now you know why Zena is so angry ?! BOL !

my tail is wagging so vigorously that it blurred the picture.

Ebi was be thinking, why no Zena ! sigh*

Ebi Tempura !

WOAH ! You should heart Ebi's Vocal,
just like Lady ! HIGH PITCHED ! BOL !

After surrounded by so many living things,
time to take pictures with some beautiful living things,

OKOK ! Are you done with the photos ?!
Moron !
WHAT !? Now take a picture with a non living thing ?!?!
What The ...

Am I suppose to advertise for the new Volkswagen Golf GTI ?!
But daddy one is the previous model.
so what should I say ?
Men want it.
Boys dream about it.
Dogs drool when they sees it ! BOL !

After the dog show thingy, human went to fetch Joyce to the Club.
& it's time for SWIMMING !!! WOOOOOOO !

Joyce & I taking a dip in the pool.
Yesterday's weather is a killer I can say !

Even my head wanted to be in the water for a much longer time.

Ahhh ! Cool & refreshing water !

Daddy giving Joyce a massage.

Daddy looks like he is washing his hand in our pool again !!!

Meet our pal, Skylar the white Siberian Husky.
It have been a while since we last saw her.

Skylar checking out the place.

Saying cheese to the camera !


Joyce looking grumpy about us not bringing her out just now.

Joyce playing fetch with sissy.

COme to mama !

Sad sad face.
Don't know why either. BOL.

Joyce trying to escape from some Poodle !

That's the irritating poodle trying to enter the pool to harrass Joyce.
Joye barked at him furiously to stop.
but he just wouldn't. He made human sister very angry for scratching Joyce.
My human sis even tried to kick the irritator down the pool. BOL !

Look he just wouldn't stop following !
Joyce has been barking PACO & Hey irritating poodle, stop following me !


  1. I love all your photos. What a busy weekend you had. Swimming looks to fun...I wish I had a pool. It is really hot here and getting all wet would be great....I going to talk to mom about that. Have a fun week.

  2. What a busy weekend. We went to a dog show too. Very cool! Only 12 more days till we hit the pool. I wish we lived near a pool that allowed doggies like you. Very Lucky dogs you are!

    Mollie and Bobo

  3. busy, but fun.... wooohooooo

  4. I saw a small pakhk of Siberian pups!

    I'm glad woo had fun!

    Tank woo fur sharing day!


  5. Well Cody, if I was the judge I'd have given YOU best in show :) Glad you and Joyce got to cool off later on too. Mama takes great pictures!

  6. Hi, Cody!
    Busy weekend!
    You looked a little bored there at the show but then.... swimming!
    Sorry that doggie was bothering Joyce!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. ohhh wooooowww! what a busy day you had cody!!!
    never been to a dog show.... but it looks a bit bowering... is it?
    ohhh love the pool pic! :D

  8. Aww, man.. We wish we had a pool to swim around in. You're one lucky dog, Cody!

  9. Wow - what a packed post!! Thanks for taking us along to the dog show - it was interesting!! Of course, swimming is always just the best!

    Honey the Great Dane


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