Thursday, August 6, 2009

WOW ! So many pressie !

Hey pawpals ! The postman came to our house these few days.
He must be finding it weird that why is this house
receiving so many stuff in a week ! BOL. He also muct be envy :P

First, it was a gift from Suzuki, Scooby & Tahlia.
Such a big box ! Hmm, lets that a look at what they have got fur us :)

But before knowing what is inside,
we gotta open the box first !!! HAHA !
It is actually a belated gift fur Lady & Zena's birthday :)

Look ! So many stuff !
& mmmm~ Look at the amount of treats they got us !!!
Who wants a Scooby Snack ?!?! BOL !

Look at this nice pearl necklance Scooby got fur Lady,
as a wedding gift fur Lady.
Lady : " Thank you hubby ! I love you !!!! "

so how do I look pals ?! :)

They even got me a Fetch Toy !
I just love the orange-ness !!!

Joyce have her own fetch toy too,
but hers is more like a JUMP toy ! BOL.


Next, we got some Scruffy Collars !!!!
Done by Kelli, Tibby's mommy !

We got 2 Scruffy Collars each !
Lucky us huh ?! It is lucky to have a crazy collar collector at home ! BOL.
We will be naming the type of fabric we ordered,
so go to Scruffy Collars blog to order if you like it :)
The fabric quality is very good !!! *two thumsn/paws up*

Light Blue & White Hearts

Elegant Pink Floral (not available for collars over 13" in length)

Lady's 2 new collar :)

Black & White Floral (not available for collars over 13" in length)

Swirly Pink (not available for collars over 13" in length)

Zena's new collars :D

Popsicle Stripe

Pink Limeade Stripe

Joyce's new collars :D

& now it's my new COLLARS !!!
Red & White Stars

Blue, Black & Red Stripe

We love the collar a lot Kelli & Tibby !
Will get more next time :D
We are the Scruffy Collar Models ! BOL !

Can we have more ?! BOL !


& Today, we receive something from our good pal,
Augustus & Tiberius aka Augie & Ti !!!
Weeee~ Joyce was so happy, don't know why. haha.

Joyce waiting for me to open up the box,
what a lazy girl !

Of cause, with the help from the human,
we got the box open !!!

Look at the nice Thank You card from them,
& we even got an Augie sticker !!! HOW COOL !?!?

Joyce was so happy to receive something from Augie & TI !!!
BOL, cause it's part;y from TI ! HAHA !

Look at my Mr Frog ! Isn't he cute !!!

Joyce & Me with our new toys :D
Thank you so much Augie & Ti !!!!

*wink* Thanks for the cute Miss piggy Ti,
I will hug it and carry it wherever I go :D
Simply cause it's from you !!! MUAHAHA !

Simply love it !!! :D

i love mine a lot toooo :)

Zena having fun with Mr turtle :D

Look at all the cool toys they got for us.
Thanks you a lot Augie, Ti & their mommy Donna!
We love it & we love you guys too :D

& some videos along with it :D

Me playing with Mr frog !!!

Joyce & I enjoying our toy :D


  1. Hi Musketeers!
    You are so lucky to get so many lovely packages! I am glad that your collars arrived safely and I must say you all look wonderful in them! Don't forget to send us your photos for the SDC Stars page! or let us know if you'd like us to use the ones from your bloggy! I hope you have lots of fun with your new toys too!
    :) Tibby

  2. Oh my, it looks like Chirstmas time at your house!

    Elizabeth & Luna

  3. guys are spoilt! We are so envious!...but then again - its your birthday soon, Joyce.
    By the way, the pictures are stunning!
    Tons of licks

  4. You four are some pretty poopular pups. Those collars look fabulus on you all!!!!

    -Mollie and Bobo

  5. so many gifts !!
    I like your collar the most!! it looks so beautiful and unique!


  6. Oh wow, what lucky doggies! We love the necklace that Scooby got for you Lady, you look stunning in it, it really shows off your colouring, he obviously knows his girl real well eh?! And all those treats - YUM! What great collars - they're all superb but we really think that red is your colour Joyce! And ooooh - those toys had us drooling - they looked like they would be soooo tasty to chew! So glad you had a good day. Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  7. What cool, cool stuff!! Y'all are lucky. It's like birthday, Christmas, and every other cool day all rolled into one. Enjoy your goodies! Love, Sally

  8. WOW is right!

    That is some haul!

    Those khollars are fantastikh!

    All of them are so WOO!


  9. You mail man is much nicer than my mail man!!!

    I love seein you wif the pressies what you are so deservin of and that is quite some big collection!

    I love the pitchers and sharin your happiness wif the you!

    wif love from the Luke

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  11. Wow! Lucky doggies~ Great gifts! See? Everybody loves all 4 of you, including us! =pp

    Nice collars you've got there! The toys looks cute too esp Ms Piggy & Mr Turtle.. LOL~

    Ebi: Darling Zena, how r u? Miss miss u so muchie! I've met ur brother - Cody last week @ the dog show, when can we get to meet? =)) Oh yeah, the collars looks lovely on you! So sweet~

    Ebi & Emma

  12. Cool..
    What alot of pawsome gifts you doggies got. ;)

    ~ Bae

  13. wow, so many presents!!! I guess there are even more to come, at first i though it was christmas. LOL. So excited for Joyce, two more day

    best regards

  14. You did get a lot of presents ! They are all wonderful.

    Simba and Jazzi xx

  15. We are glad your presents arrived safely :)
    Big licks to you

    Note from Scooby fur Lady:
    I'm furry glad you liked your wedding collar my love xxx
    Hugs from your husband
    Scooby Doo

  16. Wow, our package got there really fast! So happy you liked our little thank you gift for the wonderful birthday portrait you sent of Augie and Ti! It really is amazing and soooo extra-thoughtful!

    Love all the pics! And the videos! Wish we could visit!

  17. Hi, friends!
    OMD! You all got tons of presents!
    Yummy treats, nice toys, beautiful collars! Wow!
    I love the way you enjoyed your toy, Cody!
    Kisses and hugs

  18. What a haul!
    Your new collars are just gorgeous! The pearls look so pretty on you, Lady!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  19. What a lucky bunch of dogs you all be!

  20. We loved the first photo with all four musketeers investigating the box! It looks like a really fun time at your house, and we are glad you're having so much fun with your new toys and treats!

  21. OMD!!!! All those pressies, your sooo lucky, they look like so much fun, congrats!!! have a great weekend!!!

    lotsa licks,

  22. My goodness! You got a lot of presents to play with! What good doggies!


  23. I'd say you hit the jackpot this week!

  24. You four look terrific in your new Scruffy Dog collars. I believe mom is thinking of ordering a couple of new ones for us!

    Very nice pressies you got from your furiends too!

    Wags & wiggles,


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