Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I thought I use to be her idol !?!?

Oh man ! My place in my human sister heart have dropped by 1 !
Argghhhh ! All because of her idol ! :P

I remember her laptop's wallpaper used to be me.
But now ?

I am seeing his picture almost everywhere ! HAHA !

She kept these books like treasure man !
HAHA, she really have to thank Dr D's Mom, Julia for all this gift !
For those who don't know who is Dr D, it is our buddy Dino :D
His mommy Julia is so nice to get her these books
of her idol Arron all the way from Taiwan !
Cody : " And now Aunt Julia ! She is Arron Crazy ! " haha

You can see I, Mr Cody isn't happy about it !
LOL, even her mobile phone wallpaper is him !
I have downgraded to becoming her screen saver D:


  1. Humans... especially young girls... can be SO FICKLE!!! Still, you are there so YOU get the hugs, right? BG from Corgi Country

  2. Use those big paws and reset her wallpaper!


  3. You should definitely be her wallpaper Cody!!!

    Noah xx

  4. Hmm..mummy used to be crazy over leehom too..*whisper*chew up her bookie n reset her wallpawper..


  5. I would not worry. That is a passing phase. You can never be replaced because you are fun, furry and real! The idol is a flat piece of paper! hehe

    xox Autumn

  6. How could he possibly be cuter than you Cody? We don't get it!

    Woofs and Kisses!

  7. Cody, you're my idol! I'll just keep your blog open and stare and stare at it, as if it was a wallpaper. Kk?


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