Sunday, December 28, 2008

Having fun with our new toy from Huskee & Hershey

We did nothing much at home but ... PLAY !
Sissy went to our toy box and took out a new toy .
It's the Christmas Pressie that Huskee & Hershey bought fur us !
Look at all the fun we had !! :D

Joyce being foolish with the toy around her mussle

This toy is so fun !

It even make crackling nose .

Cody : " HEY ! Mind if I have a bite on it ? "

Joyce : " SURE Big brother ! "
Cody : " Gee ~ Thanks ! "

When sissy walk away ...
Joyce : " Hey that's my toy ! You go away ! "

The difference between our head .
Big difference ?

The Goldie Sibling
Joyce & Cody

Joyce : " Hey sissy ! Let's play tug a war ! "

Sissy : " Sure Joyce ! "

Joyce : " Argh ! Mighty pup always win ! "

Then Cody & Joyce started to tug a war !

Cody : " Hey it's mine ! "
Joyce : " NO !! It's mine !!!! "

Sissy came ...
Cody : " No worries sissy ... "
Joyce : " We are sharing (: "


Actually this is not only a toy !
It can be a HAT too ! :D

How's my new hat ?

LOL Weird !!!
But I will get use to it ! BOL !!!

I guess it look better like this :D

Me playing with the toy

Ok , it's video time ! This are the videos we take ,
when we were playing with the toy !
Do enjoy & comment about it (:

Me & Sissy VS Joyce !
Tug-A-WAR ~!

This is how I entertain myself :D

& At around evening timing , I had my walkies !
& only I , CODY ! Walk from home to Club4Paws ,
saw Narla in the boarding section as her owner is away , poorthing !
I growl at a little RASCAL ! When he is near me , I growl ,
& he dare not do anything & dare not move .
But when I am around 50cm away from him ,
he was barking at me with a very fierce sound . Coward I should say ! BOL !
After that , from Club4Paws , we walk home again .
I was clean up , had my dinner & hello blankie here I come .
Went to my snooze land !


  1. wow that toy looks like a lot of fun, wish I could play tug o war with you.

  2. That is one very fun toy!

    Joyce is growing every day. Better watch out Cody, she will be as big as you in no time at all!

    Very cute pictures and videos!

    Have you made your paw prints yet?

  3. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Dear friends!!!!!!
    Have you had great Christmas???
    Hope yes!!!!!!!!
    we've had lots of food and toys!!!!
    and we've thought a lot about you!!!
    Is very beautiful the new game that you have received!!!!
    Would like us as to play with you!!!
    Joyce and you are too much funny when play to the war of the games and love looking at your video!!!
    yuo're fantastic dear friends!!!
    We love you so much!!!!
    Lots of love and kisses!!!!!

  4. Ha ha! That looks like a toy from Cirque du Soleil!

    So pretty, I love your happy faces!


    The Akitas xoxo

  5. The toy looks like a lot of fun and sharing is cool.

  6. What a great toy - there are so many different ways to play with it you can never get bored!

  7. I love your new "hat." Toys in the shape of rings are my favorite, because they're easier to carry around and my mom can squeeze a tennis ball in the middle for me to pop out.

  8. What fun with the toy! It does look great as a hat!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  9. That looks like a wonderful toy. Us heeler's may have it in pieces by now.. hehe

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  10. Hi, Cody!
    That toy is pawesome! I bet you have endless fun playing with it!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Codex, you big boy!
    You are sooooo different! You are almost an adult goldie!
    And Joy(ce)... she's gorgeous! GORGEOUS! And getting bigger each day. I loved your new toy. I'm gonna show the videos to my humans, to make some pressure! I want one! BOL


  12. That is one cool toy/hat/bracelet!!! Hope you guys had a nice holiday!! Love A+A

  13. Aaah, you guys are too cute sharing the toy, looks like a cool toy too! Lovely photos and videos, our favourite is of Cody upside-downies!!
    Slobbers xx

  14. What a neat toy! We loved it as a hat, Cody! You are such a cut-up!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  15. Mom is reading this over my shoulder and she's smiling again!

    Woo are just toooo khute!


  16. Hi Buddies!
    Your new toy/hat is very cool! I loved watching you play with it. Cute video and pictures!


  17. WOW.. that looks like a pretty cool toy.. I need to find me one of those!

    Hope the four of your are doing well..


  18. What a fabulous toy! Wish I could join in the fun!

  19. Hey! That's one very unique toy! I have never seen anything like that before. It is so nice to see both of you sharing the toy and Cody is sure enjoying chewing on it in the 2nd video! Too adorable! Love, Dino

  20. Hey! We have that same toy! But now its all chewed but we had fun with it anyway! Love the video of Cody enjoying the toy! Hugs, Joey and Kealani

  21. Hello and nice to meet you, Zena, Cody, Lady and Joyce! Thanks for coming by our blog and sang a song!! We checked out the blog of each of you and what a fun family!!

    We'd love to link your blog to outs to keep eye on you guys. Hope you guys don't mind....

    Momo and Pinot :)

  22. Haaa.. that sure looks like a very fun toy

    ~ Bae

  23. hee hee I love the pic where the toy is stuck on your nose Cody and where it's sitting on your head. Very stylish!


  24. oh you goldens are too adorable.. joyce is getting bigger now.. be careful cody.. hehe...

    we find that H&H's gift makes for a nice fur accessory.. simply fab..

    wishing you a blessed 2009 musketeers.. and your humans toO!

    drooly kisses,


  25. That looks like a really pawsome toy, I wish I could play with it!

    Licks & Wags,
    Love Darcey. xxx

  26. Gosh darn it, our Mom says woo two are just too darn cute - we can't stand for this - she is falling in love with the goldens!!!!

    But we have to agree that woos are a lot of fun to watch.

    Woos, the OP Pack


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