Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Joyce is 4 months young today !

Hi it's me , Zena here !
Our little sister Joyce , turn 4 months today .
Human sissy gave Lady & me a bathe !
& now we smell fabulous :D
BUT ! Sissy keep complaining that my fur is hard to blow ,
as my fur is thicker than Lady's !
All I can say is .. TOO BAD ! I am born with thick fur :D
Thanks for the bath sissy ! It's cool ,
as I fall asleep AGAIN when my human give me a bathe !
Oh ya , and we are gonna have a full groom on the 24 January ,
so we don't have to have a fur cut during CNY (:

Lady after her bathe !

Look at how white my sissy make her leg fur !

Anydogs wants my sissy to bathe for you ?
free massage when bathing (:

Lady : " Oh I feel so good ! "

My turn ! Look at the difference between me & Lady !

The thickness of our fur is different right ?

& of cause the color !
Like duh ...

*yawn* can you hurry up !?

I am really sleepy ...

Look ! My human is trying to make my hair into like Ebi's .
BOL ! Then we can be like the mohawk couples :D
It will be obvious after my next full groom :D

Collar on and ready to get down :D

3 months old Joyce with 7 months old Cody :D ( November )

3 months old Joyce !
( November )

& Now , the 4 months old Joyce with the 7months + Cody (:

Any difference ?

The 4 months young imp & Cody
( 10 December 08 )


  1. Wow...did woo ever look beaWOOtiful!

    I think woo need to get Scottie to bring his kids over to play!


    Happy FUR month birfday to the khutest little golden gal!


  2. Well, Lady and Zena are boootiful! They always look so noble and aristocratic... :)

    Joyce is getting really taller! She's sooooooooooo cute! :)



  3. Hey lazy n Zena!my name's Sabrina n I'm a Poodle!nice to meet 4 of you!btw..happy 4 months old to Joyce ya..hehe..check out my

    wet-wet licks,

  4. I would LOVE a bath from your sissy please. It sounds wonderful! And she does such a wonderful job as we can all see on lady and Zena!

    Joyce is getting soooo big!

    Yappy 4 month Barkday Joyce!
    Yappy 4 month Barkday to you,
    Yappy 4 month Barkday to you,
    Yappy 4 month Barkday dear Joyce...
    Yappy 4 month Barkday to YOU!

    I hope you get lots of treats today! You better slow your growing down or you are going to pass Cody right up!


  5. Hi Zena! You and Lady look so nice and fluffy! And wow, Joyce is 4 months old already! She's growing fast! You sure have a nice family.

    Your pal,

  6. Joyce did a lot of growing in one month!

  7. You both look incredibly great & fluffy! Your furs are sooo soft too almost like cotton. Hey Cody, your head seems to be bigger than your body. But who cares right? Hee!

  8. Lots of cuteness! When i get a bath there are no cameras involved ebcause Mom need both hands and she's afraid her precious camera would get ruined from crashing to the floor or fallingin the bath water. You must be way more cooperative for a bath than I am.

  9. Hi Zena,
    You and Lady look beautiful after your bath! I can't believe how big Joyce has gotten in just a month!

  10. Oh birthdays and baths!! Whoooo Hooooie!!!!

    Happy Birthday!!

    Mya Boo Boo

  11. Would you guys be willing to email me your address (My email is on my blog!)?


  12. You all look so fluffy after your bathes. We need bathes too but mom says it is to cold outside. We don't like blow dryers..
    That Joyce is really growing fast. She is pretty fluffy too..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  13. Bathing makes me sleepy too! I think it's the hot air from the hair dryer!

  14. 4 months already?? They grow way too fast!!! She is so adorable! Hugs, Joey and Kealani

  15. Hi Zena!
    You and Lady look so beautiful and fluffy after your bath!
    Happy four months birthday to Joyce! She´s growing so fast!

  16. You all look SOOO nice! Lady and Zena's fur look really fluffy after their bath...*grins* And Joyce is growing up to be a beautiful doggie too! Happy fourth month birthday, Joyce! *wink*


    P/S: I've sent out my package already...look for it in your mailbox! *wink*

  17. I can't imagine Joyce will grow to Cody's size in 3 month's time!! Mom says she wish that puppies will remain the same size furever.. that silly woman!

  18. Happy 4 months old Joyce. And Zena & Lady look pawsome there. ;)

    ~ Bae

  19. Zena and Lady look beautiful!
    Baths are the best!
    Happy 4th months old, Joyce!
    Kisses and hugs

  20. Lady and Zena look so cute after their bath! Cody is getting big eh! Little Joyce is a little bigger now but still very cute with her 'bear bear' look! :-D

    Cocoa and Barley

  21. Happy 4 month birthday Joyce. You are growing so fast!

    Molly and Taffy

  22. Wow! Happy Monthly Barkday Joyce! woohooo... so, how did you celebrate your monthly birthday?

    we love baths too.. er... I love baths, that is. cos Poopie hates them and cries when manang gives her one.

    WE love how clean and white we puppies look after a bath. And oh! Don't forget the nice fresh puppy smell after.. hehehe..

    drooly kisses,


  23. sorry dear friend for delay!!!
    HAPPY 4 MONTHsDAY Joyce!!!!!
    did you have received some gifts??

    Lady and Zena look so cute after their bath!!!!
    You're every day more and more beautiful!!!!and we love to see your pictures!!!!
    We hate pur humans wash us only in the river or sea....WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
    Lots of love!!!!!

  24. Happy 4 months birthday, Joyce! You sure are a cutie!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  25. Yesyes!

    Joyce is growing mushrooms on her head, just like Goofy when M grooms him... BOL!

    Rudolf (without Goofy knowing)


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