Saturday, December 6, 2008

Oh my ! Christmas seems to be nearer !

Wow ! I received a Christmas pressie all the way from Texas !
Make a guess who it is from ?
It starts with a A & another start with a Z !
I guess you all should know :D
*drum roll * Addie & Zoe our BFF !!!

Thanks for ALL the pressie !
& dear Addie , you're so sweet to grant my wish !
Bumble ball.. Loofa Dogs.. LOTS OF TOYS ! :D
Thanks a lot sweety !
We receive lots of card today !
Wow ~

mummy have been nagging ,
is this house belong to a dog or us human ?
Looks like the letter in the box is all for dog !

Made a video to thank Addie & family !
Do enjoy ! :D

Lookie look ! It's a card from the H & H !

Nice card Huskee & Hershey !
Thanks a lot special friends :D

Hey ! It's a card from a new friend Homer !

Thanks a lot Homer , nice meeting you :D

It's a card from Kenji , Scottie & another LADY :D

That's a very nice card guys ! * bright smile *

Thanks a lot you three :D

Last but not least , a card from Bae Bae ! :D

Cute card Bae Bae :D
Thanks a lot !


  1. Glad to hear that the card reached you safely,you guys! I got the candy canes from Addie too! They are SOOO yummy! hehe...=)


  2. Hello friends!

    We are so happy that your package arrived save and sound!

    The video was wonderful!

    We can't wait to see you playing with the bumble ball. It is so much fun.

    Mom is home and although she is in pain she is doing well. WOOHOO!

    Your Christmas cards are so much fun!

    Have a great day at training and swimming!

    Addie and Zoe

  3. OMD!

    That is just so khool AND the video is sooooo dear -

    AND it is making my mom leak!

    Your furiends are all soooo furry wonderful!

    They are some really khool pressies from some khool khanines to some other khool khanines!


  4. Holly COW!!! That's a HUGE haul of goodies! You four are soooper doooper lucky! Oh, that Bumble Ball just looks like so much fun. I wish Malaysia sold those balls. The pet shops here are so boring. Looks like you guy are having the besterest X'mas ever!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  5. Oh wow, that is a lovely present to receive.

    You have so many lovely cards too! :-)

    Your pals,
    Holly & Zac

  6. Oh My DOG!!!!!!!!!!
    You guys are very very very very lucky to receive all these pressies!!!!!
    And so many lovely cards!!!!
    that Bumble Ball just looks like so much fun....we hope that our mum also does us a lot of beautiful gifts!!!!
    and many compliments to your mum for the video!!!
    be exciting and sweet indeed!!!
    We love you dear friends!!!!!!

  7. Wow, what lovely presents and cards!

    Boy n Baby

  8. Ohhhh! That Bumble Ball looks really cool. I'm going to have to add that to my wish list!

  9. Hi, Cody!
    Addie sent you all pawesome and yummy presents!
    Enjoy them!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Isn't it fun getting cards and goodies in the mail?

  11. What wonderful pressies! Addie and Zoe are so thoughtful!
    We can't wait for mom to come home so she can help us open all of our Christmas mail!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  12. Very nice pressie that you received from Addie and Zoe.
    Cody, every time I visit your blog, you're always wet! You and your friend were too playful in the pool, I love it!

  13. YEah. what alot of xmas cards you've received. I'm glad my card reached you doggies.

    ~ Bae

  14. Hi Lady, Zena, Cody and Joyce,

    Just pop by to say thank you for your Christmas card!

    Joyce is soooo cute, especially when she held my card in her mouth! How did your human make her do that??



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