Sunday, April 5, 2009

An attack broke out at home & Club4Paws update

After keeping a look out of Scooby & Lady,
and sending Scooby off to meet his Cousin Scruff for ride home,
Joyce & I went to Club4Paws yesterday.

Once again, Joyce wasn't suppose to swim at all.
She knows it ! It was a very hot weather yesterday,
& the human can't bear to see her walking under the hot sun.
So she was allowed into the pool area,
she know that she was not suppose to go into the pool,
so she was busy walking around the pool
& putting her tummy on the wet cool water ground.

Many people went over to give her a pat, but no pat for me !?!?!
BOL, as I was busy swimming in the pool.
I was pretty moody yesterday, whoever come near my toy,
I will GROWL at them.

After that, while I was at the Groomers,
my pal Benson came ! A pity I can't go out & play with him !
As I was all squeaky clean & his wet !!!
Joyce was allowed to play with him,
as she hadn't have her bathe yet.

After my turn, it was Joyce turn to bathe.
She simply hate it when she can't see any of our human.
She whine a lot !!!!! Maybe She wanted Paco, not our human ! BOL !
While she was bathing, I went next door to shop !!!
Lots of new toys in stock !!! But Daddy was like ,
NO SHOPPING CODY ! He knows I love toys so much & he do this !?!?!

After that, we went home & simply lay flat on the floor.
Even the word " FETCH " or " TOY " won't wake me up ! HAHA !

Wubba Wubba here I come !

I put my head in I put my head out,
I put my head in & I shake it all about,
you do the Cody Pokey & you turn yourself around,
that's what its all about !!! BOL!

Ahh ! Water in my ear,
shakey shakey !!!!

2 Golden Retriever, 1 Labrador & 1 Bernese Mountain in the pool.
& *psst* the Bernese seems to be in love with his beau,
the Labrador, & guess what ? Both Males !

When I was swimming,
the Labrador came jumping in the pool
making this SPLASH !!!

It seems so long that
sissy did not take my jumping into the pool pictures !

Finally she took the effort to take some !!!
Here is one, but it's the Labrador , not me !

Hey it's the Labrador one again,
hello sis !!! Where is mine !?!?!

This may look like me,
but it's not !!! It's Tasha's!!
She is a Female Golden Retriever,
3 days younger than me ! BOL !

WOW ! Go easy on that Tasha,
you almost drown me & my wubba ! BOL !

Didn't I say I have a lot of meat in my cheek area,

AHH ! Finally this is me !!!
Speedy Cody make in action !

I jump & jump again !!!!

This is what I call a clumsy jump !!!!

BOL ! Sis was a little slow in this one,
as you can see I jumpED in the pool already !

Tasha & ME

I was being so mean,
that I growl at her & stole her toy ball.
You can hear sis & daddy shouting ! BAD Boy !
They gotta emphasize the word BAD so loudly !!!

Tasha was trying to get her toy back from evil me
muahaha !

I was mean enough to not let her have it !
I am a toy lover after all !
Don't expect much from me sharing toys !
But sharing it with Chloe is an exception !

Finally my jump into the pool move !!!


Erm, this, sissy is more interested than the tree than me ?

10 seconds to reach to the ending line !

Look ! Joyce is a little wet !
She was waiting for sis to give up her food to her in the cafe.
I was never allowed INTO the cafe,
as I can cause CHAOS inside ! While Joyce is allowed,
as people says she is very tame .
HA ! All I can say is, you guys are TRICKED !

Daddy ! I want yum yum !!!
Joyce * thinking* If Paco was here,
I wouldn't have this problem !

When I was bathing,
my best pal BENSON the 1 year old Labrador came !

Sis was so happy to see him
& she went to play tug a war with him !

He is a good Catcher too !!!

& Somehow, this was taken last week from
Zhu Zhu the JRT's owner camera.

A note from mom :

Just 30 minutes ago, an attack broke out at home.
4 dogs were given milk bone to chew while we are doing the housework.
Joyce & Zena have finished theirs already,
leaving Cody & Lady still busy chewing theirs.
After Cody finished, he immediately went towards Lady & growled.
Lady growled back at him & both of them attacked each other.
My husband & I shouted at them and tried to pull Cody away,
but there seems like we can't stop him.
as we know if we continue to stop Cody, we may get bitten by him too.
So my daughter, came and shouted : " CODY !!! STOP !!!! "
He immediately stopped, leaving Lady lay a corner.
Lady was trembling with fear, and her ear had a minor bite,
we can see blood coming out,
so we quickly use a sort of powder which can stop the blood immediately to stop it.
Lady & Cody is separated now, what advise do you think I should do ?
Cody seems to be a little aggressive recently,
GUYS ! Help us !


  1. MY LOVE! Are you OK? Do you need me to kick his furry butt?
    My sisters fight a lot over food... My Mum found the best thing to do was seperate them when they eat their meals. And if they are having treats, then Mum or Dad stand between them so they know not to go near the other one.
    I will be adding us to success stories at my blog, I hope this is ok with you?
    Hugs from your Stud
    Scooby Doo

  2. Oh my ... Hope Lady is feeling better! Sry, i dont know how i could help.

    best regards

  3. er...maybe u shd separate them as far as possible during their meal better if they cant see each other during their meal time n onli let them go together if they r not eating..hope it helps..*wink*


  4. Hi Lady
    Are you feeling any better? Scooby has been worried sick all afternoon!
    He was going to hijack Scruffs plane and come and see you!
    Big licks to you

  5. You always have the best swimming pictures! LOVE love love the action that you catch!

    Cody has never responded that way to Lady before, has he? Have they been in that type of situation before eating treats near each other?

    If this is a first time, he may have just been having a bad day. That can even happen with dogs.

    We sure do hope that Lady is ok. Cody is so much bigger than she is. Keep us posted.

    Lots of luv & Kisses
    Addie and Lucie

  6. Hi guys,

    I don't think I would like to go swimming but I see you enjoy it very much. The pictures are wonderful.

    I'm sorry to hear Cody and Lady had a fight over a treat. Maybe it would be best to keep them apart when they are eating. Sometimes I try to take Banjo's treats but mom is always there to stop me.

    Wags & wiggles,

  7. Hi!
    We saw you featured on dog blogs! Congrats!
    What fun but there's no need to fight! It's fun times.


  8. What nice pikhs from the day BUT Mom and I are still kind of numb from the ending of the post...

    I hope Lady is okay - and that she won't be too adversely affekhted by it...

    I khan't remember: has Cody been fixed? If he hasn't, that khould go a long way in helping with the issues...

    If he has, then woo need to be furry aware of them and their postures with each other - being sure to avoid all potential fights over food/etc...

    If I go visit my sibe siblings (the Sibes had before me that live with the ex), evfurry now and then we get into it but it doesn't ever get THAT intense....

    Sometimes throwing a khan or something else noisy khan help - Mom always had good lukhk pulling a tail to separate any 'issues'

    Good lukhk!


  9. Awesome jumping/swimming pictures.. You are such a pro. I get a bit grumpy at times too and snap at the reds but hey they deserve it they are pests. Not sure what you can do perhaps separate them when they get treats..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  10. Nope that bird was just to fast for us. He could fly. We quite haven't figured out how to do that yet. Not for lack of trying..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  11. Hey guys !

    Hope Lady's ears are much better now.
    I guess Cody's probably missing Chloe too much huh .
    Maybe you should seek a vet's advice on why Cody's behaviour is acting differently recently.
    Keep us posted on what's happening with Cody ya :D


  12. Hope Lady is okay and her ear will be fine. I have trouble with Mason at the dog park she growls at other dogs when they get near me or her toy. if we are just walking around she is fine. Cody might be just at that age where he is trying to establish control. Like a teenager. Good luck and hope all turns out okay.

  13. Woof! Swimming ... great photos. I wish I can join you. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar.

  14. Hope Lady bees ok now. Meal ole Cody, not sharing toys and food. Mum say he might be a 'resource guarder' and she has read to make sure he seperate at meal times etc.

    I agrees with Khyra that it might be hormones kicking in a lot too. I know I was getting a bit mean with Auntie Penny cos I wanted to be the big man around her.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  15. It sounds like Cody is having some issues for some reason. This doesn't sound like the sweet Cody we know at all. I'd say keep them separated if there's any food or special toys involved for awhile. Hopefully things will calm down again soon - how frightening!

    Your pal,

  16. I have no advice but sure hope everyone is okay - I'm an only child and don't have to share anything - When other doggies are around mom and dad just keep a close watch. TAKE CARE and play nice!


  17. WOW !!!! I believe that Byte would love to have pool just like this ;)

    Great pics!


  18. Gee guys....

    Looks lke ya were havin' a ton of fun til the last note from yer Mom about the fight.....

    Gram says ta tell ya that me 'n Toby were fightin' all the time too after Toby got ta be a big boy. He wanted ta be boss 'n I wanted ta be boss. So Gram had the 2 of us neutered 'n now no fightin'.....Toby still makes funny growl noises sometimes but Gram gets out the rolled up newspaper....'n then we both stop. If the fight is about food...don't let 'em in the same place when they're eatin'....Gram had already put us each in our crates when we couldn't get along. And we each get our snacks in different places of the room. If ya can believe it me 'n Toby can share lickin' a people plate clean very Mom doesn't like ta share 'er food so we know ta let 'er be when she's got a plate ta lick.

    Gram had ta laugh at yer pool that a special doggie pool ???? There was a pool where we were stayin' in Florida but only people could go in.

    And who would think ya do the Hokey Pokey in Singapore????? Yer never too old ta learn new things about people in other parts of the world.

    Now kiss 'n make up....will ya????

    Dewey Dewster here.....

  19. Thanks by stopping by our blog and leaving a comment. Your swimming pics are great! You are such a great looking group of dogs and we are sorry to hear of the fight, hopefully everyone is getting along okay now! We are three males and occassionally we have had a few battles over food, toys, etc, over time. Mom just make sure to watch us closely until our issues resolve and we usually do resolve them between ourselves. Mom is also the alpha in our house, so when she raises her voice, we are sure to listen and stop what we are doing. Mom notices we argue like kids more often when we are stuck in the house from rain and snow and not able to get out and run our energy off. Hopefully, Cody was just having a bad day and lady is not too traumatized and will forget the event soon. Lots of licks!

  20. Hi, friends!
    I love all the swimming pictures! Great time there, right?
    I was thinking the same as Khyra and Dewey. Maybe Cody's hormones are altered. But I am sure his Vet can give you the best advice.
    I hope everything is ok!
    Kisses and hugs

  21. Hi friends,
    What a fun day out!! We love the Cody Pokey song and have been singing it all day long!

    Sorry to hear about the scuffle between Lady and Cody. I think it's cos now that Cody is almost 1, he is trying to assert his power and be the alpha male among the pack. Best is if you can watch Cody when you give them food/ treats (and maybe leash him) and if he starts to growl or advance towards the rest, shout at him (or u can throw something noisy on the floor next to him.. like a bottle filled wit coins) to frighten him, and at least if he charges ahead, you can hold him back with the leash. Do that a few times and he should get the idea.
    Our mom is a believer of the 'Cold Shoulder' Treatment rather than spanking. When we do something wrong, depending on the severity, she give us a good scolding and then lock us in the toilet (severe punishment) for 30min to 1 hour. If the punishment is not severe, then she'll just make us sit at our 'naughty corner' for 30min. During this time, NO ONE is to talk or even look at us.
    Good luck...

    Psst Cody, be a good boy and apawlogise to Lady!

  22. What a great day at the pool! Hope you get to solve the problem with Cody's aggresiveness soon.

  23. Hello there...

    That was a wonderful day at the pool!

    Gosh, what happened with Cody and Lady??? Is Lady ok? What about her hear?

    Do you think Cody's trying to be tha alpha male in the pack? We think maybe it is a good idea to stop that behaviour... as soon as he growls or shows any kind of agressive behaviour, shout or frighten him with something (a spray, something noisy). We hear that the most important thing is for him not to see the bottle or the spray). Then, give him a SIT STAY command. Sooner or later, he will understand. That's about what we know from the classes that we attend... there are lots of alpha males there!

    Keep us posted!


  24. Hope everything is okay by now. I agree with Khyra and Ludo - hormones, guarding food - being the big man about the house and asserting himself. I would talk to a vet about it - I sure wouldn't want to see sweet Lady on Cody's bad side again...
    With hugs and xo,

  25. Hi!
    what a great day you guys had at the pool! :)

    To bad Cody mis-behave at home.
    I think he has to know his limits, and he has to know this kinde of behavior is not alowed.
    Try the spray, or making a huge noise whit a news papper to scare him...

    hope it all end well...

    licks Pu

  26. Oh Codes, Chloe is kinda worried after reading your blog just now. She said you can't behave that way especially not to a lady or to any other dogs. You wouldn't do that if it was Chloe would ya? Chloe is a very soft girl who would easily get nightmares if she ever gets attacked by another dog. It happened once before when she was attacked by the trainer's Border Collie & during evening time while sleeping, she suddenly jumped up & went into a seizure like attack for 1 minute long. Everybody panicked & thought she was in trouble. Actually, she just had a terrible nightmare after the attack. She twisted her leg during the process but never again she had that terrible nightmare after that scary episode. We hope Lady is fine & that she heals up soon. Here's a note from Mommy to your hoomans...

    Hi! I don't know what's up with Cody but you mentioned that he was having a pretty moody day yesterday. There could be something bothering him or he's not feeling well. I suggest you bring him to the vet for a checkup. Cody is now a grown-up boy. Some dogs just change as they grow older just like humans. But whatever it is, this must be prevented now before it gets any worse. Neutering might help but can't guarantee. But do you know that once a dog gets a taste of aggression & attacks another dog or person, they'll learn that & will keep doing it & training will not help. I think the best thing to do is to just separate them during meal or treat time. Do not allow Cody to go near anybody else's bowl of food or treat after he's done with his. Always be there to supervise. No need to whack, just use your stern voice. Yes, do not put your hands in to separate a fight because one of you can get bitten by accident. Next time, if it happens again, pick up Cody's back legs & start spinning & spinning & spinning away to force Cody to concentrate on his balance with his front legs than to concentrate on the fight but only do so if using voice doesn't work any more or if your daughter is not around to stop them. This may not be a serious problem yet but if not corrected early, it can get really bad & Cody might start attacking other dogs besides his own sisters. Another thing, you guys live in an apartment? If yes, this could also be another problem but it'll be hard for me to explain why. We know one fried who has this problem with four female dogs cooked up in an apartment but only two of them go training once a week every Sunday & plus, all not spayed. That's why all attack each other all the time.

    Cody, just behave okay? That is not a good behaviour. You got to behave like a sweet gentleman. We always knew you were like that. You want no punishment would ya? We hope everything goes well.

    Amber-Mae & Melissa

  27. Whoa! Another perfect day at the pool! Sorry to hear about the incident at home. Please give Lady a scratchie from me. Cody, are you neutered? Since you guys have more than one dog at home, the procedure may help to make things better. FYI, I was neutered at 11 months old. Of course, you will need to do more research on the topic before making any decisions. Hopefully this will be a one time incident. Take care, Buddy! Love, Dino


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