Saturday, April 11, 2009

Swimming Saturday

I am here to post for today.
Ooops~ Forget to say who I am ! I am JOYCE !
Cody & I went to Club4Paws today for a swim.
I am finally allowed to swim ! :D
Weeeee~ But I was only not allowed to swim for 2 weeks.
It was suppose to be 1 month !!! :D
We took lots of photos today !!!

Ahhh, I am finally in the pool !!!

Cody : " Hey sister, don't even think about taking my Wubba ! "

There goes my brother head again !
Into the pool !

I just love to poke my brother with my paw went I am on land,
& him in the water !

Look, an example of me trying to reach out my paw to poke my brother !
& my punishment !?!?!

THIS ! I actually fall into the pool !

& I went scolding him !
YOU idiot ! Made me fall into the pool !

Idiotic brother :P

Cody escaping away from me :D


I am complaining it to Paco I warn you :P

HEY ! Cody !

I am so gonna tell PACO ! :P

PLEASEEEE may I have the wubba !

I am so exhausted !

AHHH ! I need a break,
at least THANKS Cody,
for letting me rest on your back !

Now, are you finally gonna share it with me ?!?!

Sissy : " Enough you two, its mine now ! "
Hey sissy ! UNFAIR !!!!!

Cody JUMP into the pool !

I have never go into the pool by myself,
should I ?
Isit dangerous ?!

Let me try, one paw at a time .

OH MY DOG ! I am finally doing this by myself !
I think the 2 weeks of banning sure help me to straighten my thoughts,
my thought about how wonderful a swimming pool is :D

Daddy trying to lure me into the pool again .

No daddy ! YOU GO SWIM !

Nope this method don't work at all daddy,
you swim one lap first than I will consider about it

HEY ! Put me DOWN !!!!!

Cody & I looking at the commotion happening outside the pool.

I am trying to catch my brother !!!

Look at what I receive from my dear Paco during Easter day !

An Easter Egg,
with " Ti Amo " on it:D

Isn't he the hunkiest dog or what ?! BOL !

Oh I love this one !
I am so gonna ask mom to wash this out :P

My Paco handsome close up !!!

*drool* oh PACO~

Lady : " HEY Joyce ! My Scooby is better ! "
Zena : " NO NO ! My Ebi is the best ! "
Cody : " Ahh you girls shut up ! My Chloe Honey Bun is the best of the best ! "

Video for today !


  1. Love the video! Very cute photos of play time.

  2. Furry nice pikhs, gifts, and videos!

    Tank woo fur sharing it!

    I hope your ears won't give your troubles now that you've gone bakhk in the water!


  3. Joyce! You only had to wait two weeks instead of a whole month to go back in the pool! Good for you - glad you and Cody had fun swimmming again. Zeke and I agree - Paco is an excellent bunny.

    See ya!

  4. That looks like fun. We're getting ready to move to a new house right next to the river, we hope DawgMom will let us go swimmin & fishin there!.

    Feather, Darla & Pappy, the TN Bull Terrors

  5. hey... so cutez!!!!

    where's this 4Paws place?

  6. Wow, Joyce! Swimming in a POOL looks like so much fun! That's so cool that you get to go swimming now!

  7. Hi, friends!
    Thanks for sharing the video and pictures!
    Beautiful card and yummy chocolate egg!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. Very, very nice photos! I wish I have a swimming pool in my garden. You guys are so lucky!


  9. Pawesome pictures! Don't tell Mom but it kinda makes me miss Pam and our pool! BOL

    I must have come too late cause it says the video is no longer available, but I am sure it was super cute! I mean, it did have you guys in it.


  10. That looks like so much fun and the eggs and love from Paco are loverly! Happy Easter to all the Four Musketeers!
    xo Sammie

  11. Joyce! I am so happy your ears are better. Happy Easter!
    your pal, Morgan

  12. I'm sooooooooooo happy to hear that your ears now are ok my love...
    I'was very very worried about it!!!
    You look soooooooooo happy in the pool...and athletic...and Beautiful....
    I love watching you when you have wet fur!!!!
    Are sooooooooooooo Sexy!!!!!!
    I'm drooling......OMD make me go crazyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!
    you two seems like a wonderful brother and sister match...and I'm sure that Cody Loves you a lot....
    But baby...sometimes men must be strong with girls.....say "I love you" is you love a lot Joyce...don't you????? ;-))))))))))))
    I'll take care of her furever!!!!
    Because she's my life now!!!!
    lots of love dear friends!!!!

  13. Wow what a day you two had at the park. I do not like to share my wubba either when I am swimming, I know exactly how Cody feels. he he

  14. We are so glad that you got to go swimming again, Joyce! It looks like you gained some bravery while you were away!

    Gus and Waldo


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