Sunday, April 19, 2009

New trick & Cody Barkday ( Part 3 )

My new trick !
Turning left ! BOL ! Actually is turning to my human left,
BUT my right ! HAHA !

Ok a continued version of " CODY's Barkday SURPRISE ! "
Part 3 now, okay who do we have here ?!
The scent sure smell like someone that is as handsome as me !
Muahah, It's none other than my brother Aki & Poopie !

Let's see what we have in here..

Look at the happy me with all the new stuff !!!!

Heaps of stuff for MEEEEEEE !

& look they even got stuff for my humans !
How sweet of them !

& this nice handwritten card !!!

How I wish I can put my head out of the window during the car ride !
I may end up doing what MARLEY is doing ! :D

Another one !!! WEEE ~ This is from ???
Smell like a golden girl....
Oh, it's from Sammie !!!

Sammie ! As told ! I open it during my barkday !

Look at the cool stuff !
I am already eyeing on something (:
That black & white thing !

Close up on the gift :D

The black & white soccer ball that I have been eyeing at !

Hello ! who turn how the lights ?!
Why is it so dark in here ?!

& now i habe 2 wubba ! Thanks a lot Sammie !!!!

Enjoying my sweet potato treat that Sammie gave me !

There were so many in the bag,
that I decided to share it with my sis, JOYCE !

Not forgetting Lady...

& Zena too !

& this nice & super cool handmade card !!
It's drool proof due to the plastic cover :D

Stay tune for more surpriseeeee !


  1. Wow Cody, your birthday celebration just keeps going and going and going.


    Wags & wiggles,

  2. wOOOWOWOOWOOOOOOOO Codyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!
    What a Great birthday you had!!!!!!!!
    Lots of!!!!
    You're a very very lucky boy!!!!!!
    You look gorgeous and so happy!!!
    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh...wish were with you celebrating your birthday!!!!
    you're the best brother!!!!!!!!
    We love youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi, Cody!
    You are getting lots of nice presents!
    Glad to see you are enjoying them!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Cody
    Happy Belated Biwfday!!1
    It looks lime you got tewwific pwesents and wewe vewy happy!
    I'm sending you extwa smoochie kisses..pleez give some to lady,Zena, and Joyce too

  5. What great stuff you are getting. 2 wubbas!!! how awesome. my wubba is the hit at the dog park every pup takes it from me and plays with it and I am left growling and barking at them to give it back. Thank goodness mom has better manners and asks for it back. =)

  6. WOW! Those are pawsome presentes, Cody-Codex! Great!

    Loved your new trick. :)



  7. Pawsome trick Cody - If my ma said left, left I'd probably "down.' You are so well trained! Speaking of which, you did a great job of waiting to open til your barkday! Good job! Glad you got it!
    Hugs and Love to you all xo

  8. A khanine khan nevfur have tooooo many Wubbas!

    Tank woo fur sharing more of your khool birfday stuff!


  9. WOW, Cody!! You have so many lovely friends who give you so many lovely presents! It looks like you had a fabulous birthday. Enjoy your presents--and don't forget to share!

    Gus and Waldo

  10. Cody, I am soooo totally envious of all the pressies you received for your barkday!! I think all those treats and toys can last you up to your next barkday.. Heehee..
    Btw, have you received ours yet?? I am so worried it's gone missing...

  11. you are one lucky boy Codster!!! we are so glad you received our pressie... whew!!!

    Dont eat too much okay, we dont want you to be on a diet anytime soon!!

    drooly kisses,


  12. Hi Cody!
    Your gifts are very cool!


  13. Whoa, great gifts there Cody~!!

    Now, you have 2 wubbas!! Your sissy can throw 1 for you to fetch & the other for Joyce to fetch without 2 of you playing tug-of-war! Hahaha~

    Looking forward to meet you, COdy!

    Ebi & Emma

  14. wow!!! so many great gifts you got there cody!!!
    that´s realy swet of you to share your biscuits with your sis´s :)
    lot´s of licks

  15. WOW! So many presents fur Cody and he still has more to come!
    Big licks to you

  16. A doggie can never have too many Wubbas! You sure got lots of great pressies for your birthday, Cody!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  17. Hi, I left an award for you this morning here:
    Lots of licks, Dexter

  18. Wow, what lovely pressies that you got Cody! And the cards are superb too! Your birthday sure is a blast! *grins*

    Can't wait to see what surprises await you next!



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