Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese Moo Year !

Today is Chinese New Year !
Happy Chinese MOO Year everyone ! :D
Sissy , mummy & daddy went to grandparents house without us .
Ok , it's forever without us ,
as some of the relatives are actually SCARED OF DOGS !
How can that be ? We are such nice animals !
They went to have yummy food there ,
while we lay around at home !!!!

According to the Chinese Zodiac , It is the Ox Year this year ,
so sissy put that thing on top of my head !

I love sissy !
Sissy love me !
We are one big family !

OK ! This is such a humiliation !
With her hand on top of me ,
& me holding on to the red packet it's way too much ! BOL !
& what's more , she send this to her beloved Ronald this ,
to cheer him up & make him laugh !!!
I hope he laugh , so that my humiliation is worth something !

Me & the Lion Dance Head !

Aww~ Sissy are you done ?!

At least I don't have to hold it *smile*

Happy Moo Year !

HELLO ! I was just laughing away of not holding it ,
& this is what you do to me !?

Red Packet !!!!

I wonder how much is in it ,
so that I can buy lots of toys & treats :D


  1. Happy Chinese Moo Year. I would like to learn about your mummy was in Japan, but your culture is different, I guess.
    How can your relatives be scared of such nice doggies?? I don't understand this. My mummy and daddy always takes me with them:-)
    A BIG kiss for all of you,

  2. wooohooo... Cody! is that ang pao for you? we hope so! what's in it codyman? did you get to take a peek...

    be careful of the firecracker.. hehe.. you look really handsome in that pic of you posing with the firecrackers.

    we are sorry you werent able to join them in your gramps. maybe you should come next time so that they will realize what tehyre missing.. you are all such gorgeous and well behaved dogs. theyll surely love you if they give you a chance.

    hope ronald will feel better.

    drooly kisses,


  3. Woof! Happy New Year
    LOVE your Lion Dance. Woof! Sugar

  4. I had to do silly poses with my family this Chinese New Year too. And they won't even give me a piece of bak kwa as a treat after all the hard work!

  5. Wow Cody! Cool posing there....we love your finger-horns! Happy Moo Year buddies, we hope you get some yummy treats!
    Slobbers xx

  6. Happy Moo Year!! hope it is great for you =)

  7. Happy chinese Moo year guys! You look great posing with all that stuffs. How did you get so clever to learn to hold all them different stuffs?
    ~Lickies, Ludo

  8. Hi Cody! Happy Moo Year to you and your family! I love the pictures with you and your sissy in the mirror. They're really cute.

    Your pal,

  9. Happy Chinese New Year. Cody is so cute and obviously has a lot of patience!

  10. Cody, you have done an excellent job of modeling. Red envelop, firecrackers, Ox sign, how you put up with your hoomans?
    Happy Ox Year!

  11. Happy Chinese New Year Cody !!
    You and your Sissy look so gorgeous in those photos !

    Enjoy your new year !!


  12. Happy Chinese New Year Cody! You look so cute....Parker has tagged Cody to play -

  13. Happy Chinese new Year to all ofyou dear friends!!!!!!
    your picture with Sissy are gorgeous!!!!
    you two both are sooooooooooooo cute!!!
    How can your relatives be scared of such nice doggies???????
    NOOOOOOOOOO.......we don't understand this!!!!!!
    My mummy and daddy always takes us with them!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you look really handsome in that pic of you!!!!!!!!!!we love you!!!!!
    kisses and licks!!!!!!

  14. Happy Moo yeaw to you too!!1
    You awe excellent at holding evewything. I hope that packet has tons of money to buy you tweats.
    How could anyone be scawed of you??I don't undewstand
    smoochie kisses

  15. Hi Cody! Love your hats! Happy Chinese New Year - I adore the picture of you with the ox sign on your head! Fun! I want to tell your mom about my email address, cause I want to vote at the bone zone and your mom could really help me! My email is - Let my mom know what she has to do - she thanks you lots and lots!
    Love and Licks,

  16. Hi Cody,
    Happy Chinese New Year.
    You don't look too upset holding those things in your mouth and you don't look silly at all.

    Hugz & Lickz

  17. Great pictures. We love the hat. Did you get to set those fireckackers off?

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  18. Happy Moo Year!!! I hope you don't have to take anymore silly pictures and you got lots of treats afterwards.

  19. Happy Moo Year Cody! I love your Lion Dance Head! :)

    Your Pal,

  20. Awwww, Codex, you are sooo bootiful in that second photo with sissy! It looks like you're striking a pose!

    Happy Moo Year to you all, Codex!



  21. Ooh la la, red packet is a good thing, hope woo found lots of something good in there. Sissy is very funny, isn't she? Hope everyone had fun celebrating.

    Woos, the OP Pack

    Pee Ess, we don't understand how anyone could be scared of woo!!!

  22. w00f's, Happy Chinese Moo Day to u pups...i cant beleive sum hoomans not like dogs...looks like u all wuz having fun...

    b safe,

  23. Happy Moo Year Cody!
    I am sure you got lots of money to but lots of treats!
    Kisses and hugs

  24. Happy Moo Year!! Cody I like the pic with the lion head on top of your head! Hugs, Joey and Kealani

  25. Happy Moo Year! Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures - we wish we were with you!

    Lots of love, Dozer, Dottie and Cooper Edwards

  26. Sissy thinks she is so funny. You are very patient to put up with her silly human stuff. I notice that the schnauzers were not subjected to goofy hats and horns. Maybe they can get in the act next time.


  27. I wonder how much you got...hehe

  28. Happy Moo Year!!

    You and your sissy look beautiful in those pictures!

    I am sooo very impressed with how you can hold things!! You are sooo talented!

    Lots of Luv & Kisses
    Addie and Lucie


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