Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lots of things to update on (:

Hello Everyone ! 3 of us will be updating the blog today .
yeap , 1 post , 3 dogs updating !
Firstly is me , Lady :D
Ok , I know you heard Zena saying I am finding a bf .
Okay ! That's true ! So anyone willing to be my bf ?
As long as you're a guy . It's ok (:
Just as long as you don't mind having a 8 years old girl as your gf :P

That's me , if you don't know :D

Calling all dogs ! You guys interested ? :D


Hey guys ! It's me CODY !
I went to Club4Paws today morning for a swim !
& I thought I saw two of my DWBs friends there ,
but sadly , no !!!!
But still , I saw Narla still at the boarding area .
Joyce did not come for swim today TOO BAD !!!

Me & the soccer ball !

Oh my ! I just love the swimming pool !

Look ! A Red-Headed Tri Corgi :D

Oh My ! Is that Joyce's Master HERSHEY !!!!!

Hi Hershey ! Where is Huskee ?

"HERSHEY" : I am Angel ! Not some Hershey !

Ok , so she is Angel ! Not Hershey !

Having fun with Angel also !!!!

Argh ! I am so tired !

Oh my dog ! Joyce's alien dog follow me there too !
Look at his face ! BOL !

Oh My Dog it's Cocoa !
Hey wait a minute , where's Barley ?!

Oh man ! he is not Cocoa , how saddening !

HAving fun with the beagle anyway ,
but don't know his name :D

We are playing bang it's other (:

Argh !

OK ! We are so worn out !!!


Hello Everydog and EBI Darling !
It's me ZENA ! I went to the Park today for some doggy gathering !
It's so fun ! Along with
Xiao Pang & other dogs !
If only my darling Ebi was there too ,
then it will be so so so purfect !!!!
Cody was suppose to go ,
but after the swimming , he went flat on the floor when he reach home !

Me walking to the park !!

Butter the Chihuahua & Reybu the Maltese Cross

ME !!!!

Butter the Chihuahua ! :D

I actually witness this .
XiaoPang is actually sniffing other dog butt .

Dinosaur XiaoPang sniffing peoples' butt .

Butt-sniffing is our form of saying hello (:

How I wish Ebi Darling is here !!!!!

Me being a kaypo ( busy-body ) !

Pirate's owner gave me some yummy treats !
He say I am his only customer ,
as the other dogs does not wanna eat it ,
cause the rest are busy playing (:

Oh My Dog ! Xiao Pang sniffing me out .
Ebi better not see this .

Look ! Dinosaur Xiao Pang !

Presenting Xiao Pang ,
the DinoSchnauzer !

EBI ! How I wish you're here !!!!!!!!


The Dogs :D

Look at all the dogs !
There is around 10+ Dogs there !

Pirate the Tri-coloured Shetland !

Xiao Pang without the costume !

Gou Gou the Schnauzer ,
Cookie the Cocker Spaniel
& my butt ! BOL !!!

Oh my dog ! I love this picture the most !
& Pirate as the background (:

Look at the greeneries !

My picture is half done !
If only Ebi was right in-front of this picture !
1 word , PURFECT !!!!

Busy looking else where !
Who cares about the camera !

Cookie & ME !

Cookie the Cocker & ME the Schnauzer !


  1. Lady you are so cute ! I am sure you will find a bf soon.
    Cody you can swimm ! It is amazing : I am nearly 3 years old and still cannot swimm....
    Zena, your friends look very nice !
    Kisses, Faya & Dyos

  2. Nice of you to all share the blog today. What great pictures! I love the dinodog.


  3. Phew, you lot have been BUSY! We're tired out now :D Croc-dog is too cute, aww....and we love the tired photos of Cody after his dip! And a Beagle!!! Like us!!!!
    Slobbers xx

  4. Wow the three of you have been very busy. I can not wait for nice summer days again and the sun and swimming

  5. Evfurrything Mango drooled & slobbered!

    Furry nice!


  6. Wow it looks like everyone had a great time with all their adventures.. To bad you didn't really find you DWB buddies they would have loved to see you..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  7. Oh we wish we had the chance to go swimming!! It is COLD here today!! Love A+A

  8. Oh we wish we had the chance to go swimming!! It is COLD here today!! Love A+A

  9. Now THAT looks so neat! I would love nothing more than to go there with all those kool dogs (dressed up, no less!) everyDAY!!!! Howlowlowwwoooo! I wish we had such a club here!
    xo and Drools,

  10. Cody, looks like you had loads of fun in the pool~! How i wish i could swim too.. But, we are afraid of the water. *blush*

    Dear Zena, i wished i could be there too! I love running free in the big big greeny fields & making new friends, especially schnauzers! I'm sure we can meet-up someday after the CNY~! Perhaps we can go to the dog-run together..

    Nah, for you: BOL!


  11. I've got a girlfriend but I bet you get lots of guys responding!!

  12. It sounds like you had quite the set of adventures. Why was Xiao Pang dressed like a dinosaur?

  13. Hi, friends!
    I got tired just looking at all you activities in pictures!
    Dinoschnauzer?? He is funny!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. Oh my dog,

    I'm so jelly of Cody swimming in a pool. I've gotten to swim in a real pool twice. Your one day of posts equal a whole year of mine.

    xxx Asta (oz)

  15. What an exciting weekend you all had! Our mom took Hershey to the Dog Run on Saturday morning and she played sooooo much until she was flat out when we got home! Maybe we should let her try out swimming since Cody is enjoying it so much!
    I (Huskee) was busy at home supervising grandma on how she should decorate the house for Chinese New Year!

  16. All of you have been sooooo very busy!

    Lady I hope you find a BF. With as beautiful as you are I am sure you will have no problems.

    Cody you are the busiest dog I know! Playing with all of those dogs and swimming.

    I hope Joyce is doing good!


  17. Wow, you sure were busy! We know you will find a bf soon. Are there any guys in particular that you like. Guys can be a little shy sometimes too.

    We sniff each other's butts all of time just in case one of the other dogs did something we didn't know about. Butts never lie.

    It is too cold here to go swimming but your pool looks like lots of fun!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  18. You guys have so much fun!!! I want to join too!!

    slurpy licks,

  19. Can I be in the queue to be your boyfriend ? ***shy shy***

  20. Oh boy, you guys sure have a lot of fun! I get tired just looking at your pictures! I liked the funny Dino-Doggy... I wonder if they make Dino suits in my size? Lol!

    Your Pal,

  21. Oh you doggies sure are busy.. ;) BUt what alot of fun you have

    ~ Bae

  22. You three had so much fun except poor Joyce. Well I'm sure she had fun with you all when she's at home. Hehe!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  23. Wow, that was a lot to take in. And where was little Joyce?

    Woos, the OP Pack


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