Monday, January 5, 2009

Ooops ! I did it again !

Okay , my big brother Cody isn't feeling well ,
as he is limping now . poor guy !
After all the walk & swim , he came home ,
play with me awhile & went limping .
Is there such thing for dogs to have muscle aches ?

Okay , Me ! that is Joyce did something again !
It has something to do with the dinning chairs !
Sound's familiar ? Master Hershey done it before (:

The nicely decorated CHAIR (:

My innocent face !
It's not me ! It's CODY !!!

Lastly , I want to Congrats to Miss Faith Hill
for winning the Malaysia Champion !
But my dear sister in law , that is Chloe did not win anything ,
as she was limping in the show ring .
I bet if there is no limping , she will WIN !
Brother Cody & Sister in law Chloe limping at the same date ?
What should I say about it ?


  1. Joyce sure had an innocent face XD Anyway the new wallpaper is nice

  2. Did skhwirrels get in and chew on the leg?

    Sorry Cody is limping - he might be doing that so woo will take it easy on him!

    Khongrats to Faith!


  3. Oh no! Did you get in trouble for using the chair as a chew toy? Yikes!

  4. Uh oh! I hope you didn't get in trouble for chewing the chair. It look nicer now anyway. I hope Cody's limp gets better. My Auntie Penny has a limp too.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  5. Did somebody forget to feed woo and so woo decided to chomp on the chair.

    Hope Cody is doing better today.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  6. I hope Cody's aching muscles feel better soon. I'm sure nobody will suspect you, Joyce. You're way too sweet and adorable to do anything like that.

  7. How do they know someone else didn't come in and do that?? Get a lawyer...We hope Cody feels better soon..Love A+A

  8. Very nicely decorated chair!!! Stella is impressed.

  9. My mom's dresser looks sorta like than leg chair. I do not know what happened to it? bol

  10. Hi Joyce,
    When I was a puppy I used to think that remote controls and electric cords tasted good! I guess dining room chairs taste good to you! My friend Chip thinks that cellphones are yummy! I hope that Cody and Chloe are limp-free really soon!

  11. aw joyce.. i thought at first it was huskee and hershey's bloggie.. then i realized it was your's.. haha.. you are indeed following in the footsteps of hershey. good thing you did not start on sissy's shoes.. (as in the case of my brother aki)..

    manang says big dogs are prone to rheumatitis (as in the same with humans) and it affects the bones and muscles. that's why aki took calcium supplements until he was 6 months old. i dont think that is the culprit though, cos cody is still too young.

    maybe he just had cramps while swimming or maybe overstretched a muscle. never hurts to have him checked though.. we are worried about him.. hehe.

    it's me,


  12. Nice work on the chair. Just make sure you don't get any slivers in your tongue while you are chewing.

  13. Happy New Year to you all too! Oh my! I think we should try to stop Joyce from reading Hershey's posts for the time-being, no? Teeheehee!

  14. Oh dear Joyce, we did some things like that too when we were young. hehe

    We hope Cody is better soon.

    Holly & Zac

  15. Hi!Cody.
    I sometimes feel a melody in your comment.

    Peace and love

  16. You're totally innocent there. ;)

    ~ Bae

  17. Good job with that chair!
    I hope Cody feels better soon!
    Kisses and hugs

  18. That first picture sounds so familiar for me!I did the same thing with the dining chairs when I was younger!
    Hope Cody is feeling better now!


  19. Happy New Year! Hope Cody gets better soon.

  20. I think the leg looks good with a pattern on it.

    Simba x

  21. hummmmm Chloe and Cody both limping at the same time............ Is there something you're not telling us, Joyce? You didn't really chew on the chair leg, did you?!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  22. Hi Joyce! I decorated my daddy's brand new office chair legs with my puppy teeth marks too. He says it's a good thing I'm cute because it's hard to get mad at me when I show him my innocent face. hee hee!

    Your Pal,

  23. The chair looks fabulous now! heee heee.

    Molly and Taffy


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