Thursday, November 6, 2008

Have you clean your teethies ? BOL !

ok ! Its us blogging !
Cool huh ? Yeap ! No mistakes !
3 of us are blogging together ! :D
okay ! Mummy bought Dental-Pure for us today !
Basically its just a dental bone !
Sissy did not went for her remedial class today !
That naughty girl ! nothing much happening today ,
so we will skip to the picture part ! :D

Dental Pure !
A total of 5 small bones inside .
Lady got 1 & a half of it .
Zena got 1 & a half of it .
Cody got two full pieces !

I was wondering ..
Why do I have to do tricks than get the bone ,
while Lady & Zena don't have to !

Why am I waiting !
Why am I waiting ?

Sissy said : " Good boy ! "
& I toss it in the air & catch it !
The movement of it is too fast for my slow sissy !

That's a very yummy bone !

Munch Munch ,
Crunch Crunch !

Sissy , my tongue turned GREEN !
Oh my DOG ! Am I gonna be fine ?!

I & Lady were separated from be when Cody is eating ,
as Cody will growl at us when we are looking at him EAT !

Bone in between both paws ,
that will make a good grib !
So that the bone won't slip off :D

I am chewing it in progress :D

Its unfair when Cody have 2 complete piece !
But never mind , 1 & a half piece ,
I am contented already :D

You guys should give it a try someday (:

I was protecting my bone away from Zena & Cody ,
anyway , Cody was locked at the balcony .
Just in CASE !

Sissy said : " Lady . no .... "

Then she said : " OK ! "
& the bone went into my mouth (:


Chew Chew Chew :D

* Stay tuned for more of The Three Musketeers actions (:

xoxo ,
The Three Musketeers
Lady , Zena & Cody :D


  1. Great job on the catching Cody! We have that dental bone treat too and I often ask mum to give me the whole pack cos it should be for me (see my pic on the packet?).

    Cocoa and Barley

  2. Ooh...those look lovely to chew on! Glad to see you all enjoyed it...and Cody is so good with the trick! *grins*

    Hope you have a great day!


  3. yummy denta bones!!!

    Good for your teeth and tummy!

    I eat denta bones too. I like it a lot better than brushing my teeth.

    Have a great day!

  4. Mom wishes I would chew bones, so she wouldn't have to brush my teeth so often!

  5. If only Turbo had prevailed on Tuesday, woo wouldn't have had to do the balancing thingie!

    Happy Chewing & Khleaning!


  6. I swear by Nubz its a dental chewy bone and it cleaned Joeys teeth to bright white!

  7. We want to see your pearly whites, you guys! We've never had these before! Do they really work?

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. My mom used to get me chew toys and dentabones, until she realized that I'm not much of a chewer. Instead I have a regular brushing regimen, which isn't very fun, but I still refuse to clean my teeth any other way.

  9. Those bones sure look yummy! Plus they help your teefies, hehehe. Mama always puts us in our crates to eat food or treats. This way we never have to growl at each other or steal the other one's food, teehee.

    Good job on the trick!

    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy, Snickers, Ruby & Sylvester

  10. You 3 sure are lucky to get those wonderful bones. Just think you will have the best breath in the neighborhood. I think Callie and Louie need some of those. They have really bad doggie breath..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  11. Cody, you are kind of a show off, you know? What's with the chewie on the nose and your eyes aren't even crossed or anything. Great eye - mouth coordination.


  12. Great trick Cody! Ok, mom says she'll try to train Hershey too.. LOL..
    I like Lady's 'fringe'.. very stylish!

  13. me too, i don't understand why some human wants us to do tricks b4 we get our treats. if dogs rule the world, we should do the same to them.

    wet wet licks


  14. The dental bone sounds super - yummy, fun and good for your teeth! Enjoy them!

    I like the part where it turns your tongue can show the green tongue to the other dogs and scare them for fun...heehehhe...

  15. Chewing things for clean teeth! Sounds great!
    Even with the green tongues!
    Kisses and hugs

  16. What a pawsome way to clean teefies. Do those come in hammie size. What fun to have green tongues too

    ~ Girl girl & Bae

  17. Hello Pawllos!

    We guessed Cody had to do a little trick to please sissy because he had half more? BOL~

    Have a great weekend!
    Nice blog too!

    Turbo Tails,
    Rudolf & Goofy

  18. Just sniffing by from DWB to say hi! That's a great job you've done on cleaning your teeth there!

  19. We like dental bones, they are yummy. We also have to do the treat on the nose thing sometimes just to amuse our humans. Well Holly is great at it but Zac he doesn't really get it yet! lol

    Your pals,
    Holly & Zac

  20. You are so handsome! Glad you guys got to enjoy those yummy dental bones!
    Love, Dino


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