Saturday, November 1, 2008

Swim Swim Swim :D

The draw for my best friend Addie's contest is today !
Singapore timing 10.30pm ! That is later !
Will be up late to watch LIVE telecast !
BOL ! I can't wait to see who the lucky 4 are (:

Went to Club4PAws for my weekly swim !
Not many dogs there , but I saw Babe (:
& made a new friend !
Nicky the Black English Cocker Spaniel !
Had a lot of fun ! & Nicky is sure accurate !
She is a very good fetcher !
1 jump & without fail , the ball in her mouth !

After that , daddy & sissy bathe for me ,
they brought me to Groomer Kent for a blow dry !
After that , they came & claim me . (:
Saw Flapper playing BALL with Sissy Corrinne !
His a ball game lover !
Look at him play & you will suddenly have a smile on your face (:
Flapper's so CUTE sister Corrinne !

Me in the pool !
wow , its so cooling as the weather is hot :D

Jump !

Retrieving the ball for daddy :D

Look at me dive ! NICE ?

Head in the water as usual (:

There I go again !

Another diving shot ! is it nice ? :D

Tennis ball or Rugby ?
Can't make up my mind :D

I need a break sissy !
Don't you think about throwing me into the pool !
She love doing that to me !

Run run run !

Shaking off the water in my ear !
& 'ching chi' you can hear the camera sound !
& I saw this !

Me & Nicky ,
trying to go for the ball

I thought I saw Nicky jumping in the water ?
Where is she ? Hey what the black figure in the water ?
My shadow ?

Hey there you're Nicky !

Look at she retrieving my tennis ball !

She love taking short cut by jumping off from the edge of the pool ,
instead of the top or bottom of the pool !

Look ! Jumping from the edge !
1 time & she got the ball !
Isn't she accurate ?!

Hey I take off later ok ! so I am behind !
But , after awhile , I am infront (:

Chasing Nicky around !
Playing Catching (:

Nicky & me at the back , diving into the pool .

We swim at the same time this time .

I am right here :D

haha , I thought you can't hear me :D
But its good that you come !
Now can I have the Rugby back ? :P

Looking at my tennis ball being taken away by Nicky !

She is trying to dive like me !
She is good at that too (:

Nicky & Me ,
We love to Swim :D

*** NOTE ! For all my paw friends ! ***

After looking at Addie's Contest , human decided ,
that she will make another contest for you guys soon !
Will update you guys when the contest is starting !
Excited ? :D
& we will try to make two contest every year ?
Good idea ?

xoxo ,
The Three Musketeers
( Lady , Zena & Cody )


  1. Hello Friends!

    I have voted for Cody! I hope you win!

    Thank you for viewing our drawing! We're so glad that you were able to participate and see the drawing!

    Boy Nicky looks like a lot of fun to play with. And all of that swimming, you must be really tired!


  2. Don't give up yet Cody... Christmas is just around the corner!

    Maybe Santa Paws will put one in your stocking!


  3. Do you think you could teach me to like the water? I am kinda scared of it now!

  4. You are welcome!, we love your blog!

    We are just catching with the last few days, you guys have been busy.

    Those pic's of you three together waiting for Sissy are so cute.

    Great photo's of you in the pool Cody, that does look such a great place.

    Belated Happy Halloween wishes to all three of you and your humans.

    We will check out that competition you are in on DWB's too.

    Your pals,
    Holly & Zac

  5. w00f's Pups, hmm cody, they shooda named u waterdog...looks like u shure had fun wiff ur friend...

    b safe,

  6. Hi!Cody.Thank you for 27 pieces of your photographs.I imagine you when I see a swimming pool in the middle of a walk.

  7. You 2 sure had a great time in the pool. We just have the lake no pool.

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  8. Us Spaniels are all about having fun in the water too! Glad to hear that you found a new friend. I'm looking forward to your next contest!

  9. Wooo are more golden that Mikhhael Phelps!


  10. Hi, Cody!
    I can see you and Nicky had a great time in the pool!
    I love water too but here is cold now!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Golly look at you all swimming and saying it is hot where you are. We are shivering in UK already. So not fair.

    Molly and Taffy


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