Thursday, November 27, 2008

Height difference ? Brother & Sister Love & 2 E-Cards

Joyce seems to be growing a little ,
but still no match for me as I am older & bigger !
nothing much happen today !
All of us are busy sleeping in fact !
We received 2 E-cards today !
1 from Rusty & the other one from Luke & Liesel.

That's me !
Seriously , have I grown ?

A 3 month old Golden Retriever ,
standing beside a 7 month old ? WOW !

Really a big difference in height right ?

Me with my eye winked ,
& Joyce looking at somewhere else .

Cody & Joyce

My eyes are close is it ?

Tongues out :P

That's how brother & sister sleep together !


Are you wondering what we are dreaming ? :D

An E-Card from Rusty !
Thanks a lot Rusty :DDD

Luke's & Liesel's E-card can be view at :


  1. How nice! The e-cards are starting already too!
    You and Joyce are just too cute, Cody! You look like twinsies!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Dear friends, you pawsome pups!
    I've just noticed, Codex: we're both 7 month! eheheheheh.... so cute. Well, Jojo is just bootiful, she's the Linda Evangelista of the doggies... :)
    Your photos are always very nice, too...

    I'm so sorry I haven't post a lot, but my humans have been very busy... but I'm back now, with new (crazy) photos!

    Love from pipa

  3. ohh they look so cute sleeping together...

  4. Awwww.... brother and sister together, Just precious!

    I LOVE the picture of the two of you sleeping next to each other.!

    Joyce's paws are so tiny! It's hard to believe right now that she is going to grow as big as you!

    Cody, you look so handsome!
    Have a great day!

  5. Great pictures. Joyce will be as big as you in no time.. We know Callie is growing like a weed.
    Have a Happy Turkey Day...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  6. Hi!Who photographed your a lot of photographs which synchronized.Praise your photographer.

  7. dare i say, you two are almost kissing.

    wet wet licks


  8. I'm thankful I get to see your khuteness!


  9. WOWWWWWWWWW...dear friends....
    brother and sister together are so tender and very very cute!!!
    We love see your're really a beautiful boy and bushels growing more always!!!!
    Joiyce...every day you're more and more splendid!!!!and you're paws are so tiny!
    the photos where you sleep together they are compliment are marvelous!!!!
    Lots of love!!!!!

  10. Happy Thanksgiving to my adorable friends.
    I'm blessed to have friends like you and I'm so thankful for that.

  11. Hello! FOUR Musketeers
    Thanks for visiting my BLOG. Absolutely! I LOVE having new friends. Link me up on your blog.
    Woof! Woof!

  12. You pair are both so adorable!

    Your pals,
    Holly & Zac

  13. i cant believe your parents havent given you mashed potatoe's yet. they are a must have. next time your parernts arent looking...lick the bowl! I promise you, it will be SO worth it!

    Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

    Coco - The Princess

  14. two are so cute together! I love the photos of you sleeping next to the green chair...LOL!

    You sure have grown up a lot since your early photos, Cody! I think Joyce will be the will both be almost the same size when you turn 1 year old! *wink*

    Hope you have a great day!


  15. Hi, Cody!
    She will grow as big as you! Just wait!
    Happy sleepy pictures!
    Kisses and hugs

  16. Hi!Because they think about how to take your photos more well.

  17. Hi Girls and Boy,
    I received your Christmas card already.. and it's the FIRST one that I got for this year! Thank you!! I will be sending mine out next week (mom says she'll slog this weekend to get all of them done).
    We LOVE the photo of you sleeping with Joyce! So sweet!!

  18. What awesome pictures woo have to share with us!!! Woo two make quite the pair.

    Hope woo had a great Turkey Day.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  19. You 2 are so cute... I think I'll be real tiny beside you 2

    ~ Bae

  20. Puppies grow too fast... blink and it's all gone so it's great that you're taking so many photos! :-)

  21. Lady, Zena, Cody, Joyce!

    I just found you all through DWB and thought I'd drop by to say hello! It's GRRRReat to meet ya!

    Those are grrrrEAT pictures of you two... Man, 3 months and 7 months sure make a difference!


  22. Those are adorable photos of you both. That is a lovely card.

    Simba x


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