Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cody Swimming Day :D

Lady is still the same , but at least she did not vomit today .
She still don't want to eat her food ,
so the vet ask us to force feed her .
sorry Lady , is for your own good !

I went to Club4Paws today to kill time .
There are some picture of me diving into the water !
Look @ the water splatter !

Daddy teach a Labrador to plunge into the water today .
His name was Benson , his owners were so overjoyed
when they see him dive in (:
I was also busy playing with him !

Went home , & as usual ,
I am totally worn out & went into a deep sleep :DDD


  1. Great shots, Cody! Do they have dock jumping where you live? If so you should consider getting into the profession. It's obvious that you are already a very talented pup. I've still got my paws crossed for Lady's quick recovery.

  2. Lady, you are never far from our thoughts. We are sending you all of our best wishes and happiest thoughts to get better.

    Cody, you are getting soooo big soooo quick! You are going to be an expert swimmer!

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  4. pssst... Cody, Lady, & Zena we have an award for you! Stop by.

  5. hellow there!

    wow! look at that beautiful body of water! buhuhu... how i wish i have access to that too. i miss swimming. maybe your daddy can teach my sister Poopie how to swim. she's deathly afraid of the water.

    hope Lady is recovering well. my sister had the same predicament, my manang force feed her with royal canine recovery diet.

    drooly kisses,


    (Poopie and Heinz says Hellowww too!)

  6. Poor Lady!!Sorry to hear about the vet's diagnosis.. Hope she gets better soon so that no opawration is needed.
    OOhh.. Cody looks so adorable!! Looks like he is frowing up really fast!!

    ** Psst.. Btw the treat that I mentioned in one of my earlier comments is from Zukes. There are a few different 'flavours' but there is only one that is for the hips.

  7. Hi, friends!
    I still have my paws crossed for Lady! Not vomiting sure is a good sign, right?
    Cody, I am so envy watching your videos! Glad you enjoyed swimming!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. Ohh Cody looks abit more grown up.. can his body looks lankier now! We guess his like.. 17-18kg now?

    Great diving pic!

    Cocoa and Barley


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