Friday, October 10, 2008

Fun day @ Club4Paws

ok , by right there should be 4 movies .
& the 4th one is the nicest I should say ?
But blogger is having some problem like AGAIN !?
So I guess we gotta post it tomorrow then .

Went to Club4Paws today .
& this time with Zena :D
Daddy was scared she might howl at home ,
as she is all alone at home ,
because this time no Lady .

Have fun swimming , but Zena stamina dropped !
She used to swim in the deep deep sea that is 4 years ago ?!
Now , when she swim , she will be very scared .
She also swim tilted to one side .
I did something very dumb in the pool just now .

Lets guess , I did two Ps in the pool .
Poo & Pee ! YUCKS ! :D
Sorry , Brother Sam gotta clear the pool
because of my inconsiderate behavior :DDD

Today the doggy cafe's DOGS are here .
That is MOMO the Alaskan Malamute .
& Jeno & Babe , the Golden Retriever .

& now , I & Zena were laying flat on the floor .
ok , gotta go back to my beauty sleep !
Goodnight pups !

Me , standing in the pool .
Like duh ? :D

I was shaking off the water off my body
& just nice the camera capture my face like this !
& Zena look as if she saw a ghost :D

Poor Zena , She is so scared !

Taking a mini break after a few ' LAPS '

That Babe , the light colored Golden Retriever .

Me , fetching the ball (:

Thats Jeno , the other Golden Retriever .
What a pity we did not take a photo of MOMO .
Lucky Momo & Caesar did not meet up ,
I think Caesar won't like it .
As they are about the same character :D

Oh , my human found MOMO picture
@ the Doggy Cafe blog (:
Thats Momo ! Look Caesar thats the giant we are telling you about !
& Caesar , you are one too ! :D

Jumping out off the pool :DD

* sniff sniff *

Jeno & ME :D

Zena & ME
colliding into each other while swimming !

Swim swim swim !

I am hitting the water ! How silly of me :D

If you observe , I am putting my head INTO the water !
& ya I mean into as in inside the water !

Hitting it again !

Shake shake shake shake shake shake shake !
Remind you off a song ? :D

Do enjoy our video (:


  1. Caesar:

    Hahahahahaha. Actually Momo is small!! Met them a couple of times before.=)

  2. Thanks for stopping by our blog! We like your blog too and will add it to our favorites!

  3. Thanks for the link! I love your pictures! I'll add you to my blog list too!

  4. Hello pups!!

    Cody Phelps, you are on your way to another gold metal!

    Poor Zena really didn't want to swim much, did she. Hopefully Lady will be home soon and she will be happier!

    These pictures of Cody splashing in the pool were just amazing! What type of camera do you use?
    Addie and Zoe

  5. Wow! You look soooo happy swimming in that big looooong pool! I wish I was thee really...It looks like lotsa fun!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  6. Hi!Cody.Your growth is one of my pleasure.

  7. Hi Everybody

    What a fantastic place for you doggies to go to. There is nothing like that for us in Canada.
    When is Lady coming home?
    Love Ruby

  8. Hi, Cody!
    I'd love to be there with you two enjoying the pool.
    Poor Zena! She wanted to go out of there!
    Is Lady coming home this weekend?
    I hope soo!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. I loved that picture of Cody shaking off the water! Zena has the best expression on her face!

  10. I loved the pictures of you guys in the pool. I love pools!

    xoxo Sami

  11. Hey guys,

    what a FUN post =)

    LOL that second picture is priceless ;-) we love it

    Maltese Paws



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