Saturday, October 18, 2008

Its forever a fun fill day @ Club4Paws

Went to Club4Paws today !
Saw 1 Golden Retriever , 2 Bernese Mountain Dog ,
1 Siberian Husky , 2 English Cocker & 1 Pomeranian !
Made friend with the Golden Retriever named Jojo .

Jojo is new here , & is very timid , as he don't socialize with others much .
& this is his first time seeing so many dogs .
I went to make friends with him , but he is scared .
Slowly , we played a bit together !!!
I bite Brother Sam today when I was stuck at the fence ! SORRRRRY !
Luckly he was fine at the end !

Daddy & sissy went to bathe for me ,but it suddenly RAIN !
They have to shelter me in the cafe .
After awhile , Daddy sent me to Uncle Kent for a bath & blow dry !
As I am so dirty , after that went to the main shop of Club4Paws !

Enjoying the Air-con room there !
& in the same time playing around with Flapper & Max !
Flapper is Sister Corrinne's Labrador mix Golden !
& Max , I guess its Brother Al's Golden !
We have a fun time , biting , playing around !
& cute Flapper keep making that unique weird noise of his ,
when playing with me !!! :D

Cody Phelps back in action :D

Me & that Pomeranian ,
Don't know his name :P

WOOO ! I love the water !

I am aiming at the leaf ! Silly me !

Looking at Jojo at a distance :D

Splashing the water !!!

Splash and CATCH !

I am just trying to befriend with Jojo !

It seems like his scared !

Daddy pulled me away ):

JUMP into the pool !


Jojo & ME ! :D

Jojo is trying to sniff me out !!!

Fetch the BALL !

Jojo & ME :D

FLY ! or should I say JUMP !?

The Pomeranian !

Handsome Jojo !

Jojo swimming :DD

Me catching Jojo's ball (:


I am trying to catch up with Jojo !
Not fair ! He set off earlier !!!!

YES ! I am nearing !


Swim !

Isn't Jojo a handsome boy ?!

Jojo the GREAT :D

I am happy when I am in the pool !

That Bernese Mountain Dog !

He is huge ! When I stand beside him !
I Shrink ! Maybe because I am just a pup !

He is trying to fetch for the tennis ball that brother Al throw !

Looking at them play !

Jojo always set off first !

Thats so unfair ! If we set off at the same time ,
I will be in front of him !!!

Guess what I am doing ? * Shh *
A irresponsible doggy member !
Pee-ing in the pool !!!!!

That Pomeranian !

He is so small but puffy !

Isn't he cute !?

Flapper & ME :D

Me & Flapper !
Look like father & son ?!
haha :D
Do visit him at Club4Paws !
I promised that he can keep you guys accompanied !
& It will be FUNNNN :D

Biting each other !

ME playing with FLAPPER :DDD

Rough play with Flapper !

Do we look like the same ?

Don't misunderstand , Flapper is 2 years old .
& I am 6 months old ! :D

Max keep watching at us play !

& FINALLY ! He play with me ! :D

I kept using my head & put it in the water !
First time seeing a dog do that ?

Brother Sam & Al watched me do that & they laughed :D


  1. You sure do love the water, Cody! We wish we could meet you at Club4Paws and play with you and your friends!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Hi, Cody!
    Another great day at the pool!
    Sure it was nice to meet all your friends there.
    I loved your video! I laughed too!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Hi!You took very a lot of photographs!

  4. w00f's pups, me loves ur swimming pool, to coolish here to go swimming now...and mama has a heart doggie named jojo..he wuz a spitfire soo she says...just give him time, u all all make friends..

    b safe,

  5. Oh I could play in the pool all day like that -- IF we had a pool, that is. I just love the water...
    You had a lot of fun!


  6. WOW! You had a very fun day today!

    Jojo is very sweet. It looks like he really enjoyed himself once he got to know you!

    That pom was so small and furry... you are lucky you didn't mistake him for a toy!

    Cody, you are the luckiest dog that I know!

  7. You must be an excellent swimmer! That doggie club looks like a nice place to hang out. Thanks for sharing your fun day with us!
    Love, Dino

  8. Hi Cody. Looks like you had a very fun filled weekend doing your favorite things, swimming, making new friends & playing. You're a lucky dog.

    I hate the water :-(


  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog, While Walking Duncan! Your Golden looks beautiful and nothing makes me happier than seeing one wet and swimming! Such unbridled joy! Be sure to stop back by! Scritches on the ears to all three of your musketeers!

  10. Oh wow Cody, that looks so much fun.
    We want to come and play with you at club4paws. It looks a great place, lots of doggies to play with too.

    That Pomeranian is so cute, especially swimming in the pool.

    Holly & Zac


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