Monday, October 27, 2008

Collars on today !

Human went shopping for house hold stuff & doggies stuff !
Ok , they bought Lady & Zena 2 new buckle collar .
As whenever that two crazy Schnauzer saw a collar ,
they will keep barking like mad as they think their going out .
But actually I am the one who is going OUT !
That's why new rules at home noe .
All of us are wearing the collar even though we are home .
To let that two crazy sisters of mine to get used to it !

No new toys when their shopping for dog stuff !
BUT ! Lots of treats ! (:
& Yipeeee ~ Halloween is coming pals !!!
Excited ?!?!?!

As that crazy human sissy say ,

3 of us with our collars .

Putting drool on Zena's ear like AGAIN ?!

Worn out !

All snuggled up & ready for bed .

Me with my red collar !

Lady with her purple collar .

Paw over Zena :D
Just to prevent her from walking away :D

Eyes close cause of the flashlight :(

Aww , I will say this a million time !
Chloe !!! I miss you :D
Smoochies *


  1. What great pictures! You look great in your red collar. Red is my color too.


  2. Hey Cody!
    I love the picture of you, Lady and Zena snuggled.
    Beautiful collar. Red is my favorite collar too.
    Good luck with Chloe!

    Love and licks

  3. You all look delightful in your collars. WE like the paw hold over the Zena's neck to keep nice and still.
    Molly and Taffy

  4. You guys take the best together pictures! We're not that chummy all the time - actually, hardly ever!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Your new collars are gorgeous!

    I just LOVE these pictures! My favorites are the ones with all three of you pups snuggled together and the last one of Cody with his head between his paws. Just precious!

    Addie and Zoe

  6. Woo DO look good in red!

    Mine is purple

    AND we gave Merdie a purple on too!

    The three of woo look SOOOO inkhredibly khute together!


  7. looks like the schnauzer sissy's have grown used to you putting your arms on top of them. hehe..

    hmmm... a purple collar, eh? haven't seen one of those. and i don't think that looks manly enough for me.. BOL. i better shut up now before manang gets any wild ideas.

    drooly kisses,


    pee-ees. Cody! can you paw to manang your address? we are starting (finally!) on our Christmas list for the card exchange.. our email is (that's a capital 'L' okay?)

  8. red is our color too! We love it! Joey and Kealani

  9. Hi Girls and Boy,
    We have received the HUGE package from you already! Thank you SO much for all the goodies inside, I can't believe Christmas came early for us this year! We will blog about it soon!!
    ** Hugs to all of you **

  10. Oops.. I forgot to say that Red looks good on you Cody. It's my favourite color too. I bet you chose the collar for me right? I love it!

  11. We love the pics of you with your hand over Zena! So loving! And that pic of you 3 lying in front of each other is so cute!

    Cocoa and Barley

  12. Hi, Cody!
    I like your new collars!
    All your pictures are great but the I miss you Chloe sure is special!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. i couldn't believe it! i was gone for the long weekend and you got yourself a girlfriend! lol congrats! you two make a lovely couple.

    wet wet licks


  14. Nice collars! You look great in red. It stands out really nice on ya. Hey, aren't you a little too in lurve with Chloe??? I mean, I vet you do nothing the whole day except chew on your wishbone & think about her right? Puppylove... BOL!!!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  15. You all look pawsome. I love that last pic of you Cody. hee

    ~ Girl girl


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