Thursday, October 9, 2008

We are famous (:

This artist only draw famous doggies !
He only draw us & our other buddy doggies !
Famous Artist draw Famous Doggy !

The world sulky looking dog !
The boy's face turn sulky after looking @ it too :D

My poster is everywhere !

As I say , A footballer's wife (:

Oh , I am too lovely .
Thats why I received so many kisses :D
* do not puke * :D

Aww~ I am so shy !
So many people is supporting me & love me !

The Future Cody Phelps ! :D
I am on the television !!!!
Hope the kittens ain't too envy :DDD

Updates on Lady :

Human went to see Lady last night .
& when they step into her ward room & see her .
She have no idea is our human !
It took her awhile to respond !
& heard that she is barking like mad & jumping around in the big cage !
Daddy was worried when he see her jump ,
as she is under some antibiotic drip .
So they left her within 5minute of seeing her .
As her barking was very loud !

Oh Lady , we miss you a lot !
& yeahhh ! Sister exams are officially OVER ! :D

Oh we almost forget , on the 2 October was Sugar 2nd Birthday !
They celebrated it @ ' My Dog Ate It ' :D
Happy Belated Birthday Sugar Smartie !


  1. Hiee

    So when is Lady coming back?

    Glad to hear that your Sister's exam is finally over :)

    Bee Bee

  2. well, it took me sometimes to recognise my human too after my "snip snip" operations. and the same goes to dopey.

    hmm... this is serious. i think lady need to come back real soon coz cody is taking over the world.

    wet wet licks


  3. Oh so when can Lady come home?? Glad that your sister's nightmare is over! So will she be playing with you all day long?

  4. Great to hear Lady is recovering well and your human sister's exams are over!! WOOHOO!!

    Cocoa and Barley

  5. Hi, everyone -

    We hope Lady can come home soon! Hopefully she is feeling much better. We like your Liverpool pictures, Cody.

    Love -

    Hershey and Kaci

  6. I'm glad Lady is doing better. Hope she will be home soon. I thought you were famous, I new I had recognized you when I first started visiting. I had to kiss your picture too.

    Love Ruby

  7. Happy late birthday Sugar!

    We sure hope Lady gets to come home soon!

  8. WOOOHOOO... congrats sister on finishing your exams! I bet you did great!

    Cody you are too famous for words! We LOVE these pictures!

    Happy Belated Birthday Sugar. That looks like a yummy cake you had. I wish I could have had a piece!

    Lady, we hope you are feeling better. We all miss you so very much. It's no fun being away from your family. It can actually be scary. We understand, just hang in there and soon you will be home with everyone that loves you!

    Addie and Zoe

  9. oh yeah blogger hasn't let leave you a comment fur days!

    Lady we've been praying your health returned quickly. Hope your packing your goodies to come home cos we all miss you.

    Cody! great pictures! oh and Happy belated barkday Sugar totally drooly cake even mommy drooled a bit

    lots of love licks

  10. Hi, friends!
    I have my paws crossed for Lady and hope she will be at home soon!
    Happy Birthday to Sugar! Sure you had fun celebrating!
    Those are cool pictures!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Man, you're so famous! Spice Girl dreaming about you too, beware of Beckham, buddy.
    I'm so glad to hear Lady is getting better, needle in the vein right? Poor baby!
    Oh I have to edit that new post, please pick any awards from there, I forgot to mention it, sorry.

  12. Please pick one award in that post, it yours now!
    Let's see, you haven't had the Gold Paw, do you like that one?

  13. Oh Cody sure is a famous doggie. :)

    And happy birthay to cute Sugar

    ~ Girl girl

  14. Hi Cody,
    My mom went to the Pet Safari at Vivo during lunch and she got you a packet of the 'hip' treats.. (she got one for Hershey too.. hehehe). Can you please email me your address? My email is

  15. Wow you really are famous! I hope Lady is home again soon.

    Simba x

  16. You really are famous, Cody!
    Our paws are crossed that Lady gets to come home soon! We're sure that she misses you all LOTS!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch


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