Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Nylabone for me :D

I am sure one spoilt pup !
Human bought me another wishbone !
Wee , a new nylabone added to my collection !
Now I have a total of 5 Nylabones !
How cool will it be !?!?!?

I gotta thank Amber-Mae for telling me something .
Its a secret between us yeah ! * shh *
BOL , sissy & mummy went for the obedient training talk today .
& I don't have to go ,
but I am needed next week .
Boohoo !

Tomorrow is Deepavali ,
so its another public holiday !
Meaning ? Human at home with US :D

5 Nylabones !

I decided to take the new one :D

Let me see ...
1 .. 2 .. 3 .. 4 .. 5 ...
5 ?!?!?!

Wee ! I have a pawfect day with my new bone !

CHEW chew CHEW !

Shall I share it with Chloe ? >.<

Looking at Zena ,
as she is walking nearer & nearer to me !

I told Lady & Zena that its mine :D
& they know what to do (:


  1. Cody, I'm going to have to go shopping and try one of your bones today. Every time I see you chewing on one you look so happy.

    I just know I am missing something!
    Have a wonderful day! WOOOHOOO sister will be home with you, Lady and Zena tomorrow too!

  2. They are some good chewin' things woo got there!

    Enjoy the extra time with your mom tomorrow!!


  3. Woof Cody,

    Those chews look mighty good. Need any help with them? Just let us know.

    Desert Pups

  4. these chewies look like so much fun ^_^

    Maltese Paws

    p.s. we just love the new pic in your banner guys

  5. Hi, Cody!
    Enjoy your holiday with your family!
    5 nylabones?? Lucky you!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. You actually like those nyla-things? I can't stand'em. Maybe I could send mine to you.


  7. FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHoa! Lucky! Love A+A

  8. wow Cody! your sissy sure is working on getting you a massive nyla bone collection.. Looks like you'll be getting one of your favorite L's in your 'L' list.

    i'll have manang check out those nyla bones. all she ever brings me are bags and bags of doggie biscuits and treats. at this rate, i won't be able to find me a GF. BOL..

    drooly kisses,


  9. Sorry for the missing episode, you must have been checking my blog often to no avail. Don't worry, I'm back for good~

    I'm using the Deepavali Holiday to clear some backlogs of visiting blogs *woops*

    Outta curiosity, where will your humans be sending you for obeidence training?

    Lastly, just to share a little. SKC will be having trial competitions this coming Sunday @ Expo. PM me for the details if you're keen to view dogs competing.

    Sweet Licks (with lotsa Kisses)

  10. I think you can share with Chloe since there are two sides to chew. Hee! She loooves to chew too but usually on rawhide bones. Your teefies must be soo clean after all that non-stop chewing! Well, at least we know what to get for you for X'mas. Hee!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  11. Golly gosh! 5 bones all to yourself. You are lucky. Enjoy them.

    Molly and Taffy

  12. How cool is that, it's just like a holiday isn't it! ;-)



  13. We've never had the wishbone Nylabone! Lucky you, Cody!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch


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