Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The 'L' list :D

Huskee & Hershey gave me the letter ' L ' * I have to come up with
a list of 10 things that I love that starts with the letter ' L '
& here are my list !

Lady & Zena doesn't want to do it .
So I have to do it & expose one of my biggest secret :D

1. Lovely Golden Retriever ,
especially her ! uh-oh ! That's my biggest secret !
She is so brave & I admire her a lot !
That's the reason for me being on the computer for long hours :X
Isn't she gorgeous !?

2. Liverpool !!! :D

3. LONG Tongue !

4. Lovey Dovey with sister Zena :D

5. Laying around

6. Lovely Schnauzer Sister
* Erm , I am doubting myself of saying this :P

7. Lovely kisses from sister !

8. Lots of Friends :DDDDD

9. Loofa Dogs !
* I have always wanted one ):

10. Large variety of dog toys !
* If only I can :P

*** Those who want to do , just comment me & I will give you a letter ***


  1. You girlfriend looks very pretty *wink wink*
    OOOh... The loofah dog looks very interesting!! Where can we can one??

  2. Loofa dogs look pawsome. Great L list you have Cody

    ~ Girl girl

  3. Oooh, looks like someone has a crush on the big fat one here in my house. Teeheehee! I'll let her know. Is that ok with you?

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  4. Ooohh you have a crush!! I bet Amber will tell her!! hehehe

    I love your L's.. good job!

    love and tailwags,

    Ben xxxxx

  5. Hehe...your girlfriend is so cute, just like you! *wink*

    I have not seen a loofah dog...but from the photo,they look so fun to play and chew on!


  6. Your girlfrend is just beautiful, Cody!
    My loofa didn't last long once Mitch got ahold of it! He was a bad boy for destroying MY toy!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. I would 'l'ove to have woo 'l'ink to me!

    I do have experience with goldendooftrievers: my khousin Merdie is one!

    PLUS, my mom had a schnauzer growing up!

    Happy Rest of your day - I'm going bakhk fur my nap since Mom's leaving fur the office!


  8. You have lovely L list, Cody!

    Loofa Dog, huh... I destroyed a loofa dog once. Does that count?

    I LOVE learning more about my best dog friends!

    Addie and Zoe

    P.S. Your girl friend is goreous!

  9. love you L's cody.

    my manang thought you were the one in the 1st picture hehehe... lovely golden, indeed.. *whistles*

    our favorite pic is the one with you and sister. you looked like you really enjoyed having kisses.

    we love kisses too. and we drool just thinking about it.


  10. Wow! I've never seen so many dog toys in one place. Great use of the letter L!

  11. loofa dogs eh... maybe your mom will turn you into her loofa dog!

    btw, i doubt zena can win the "shortest legs" competition. apparently... sob sob, no one can beat me. sob sob sob sob...

    wet wet licks


  12. I agree with you, Cody! Chloe is lovely!
    Good job with the L´list!
    Loofa dogs look pretty fun!

    Love and licks

  13. Those loofa dogs look interesting. Maybe I can get Madison to buy me one. She's always complaining about the dead (stuffingless) animals around here.

  14. What about LOLA??? I'm pretty lovable! Your list is pretty good though..


  15. Hi, Cody!
    Chloe is soooooo beautiful!!!
    I'd love to go to a store with that Large variety of dog toys!!!
    Kisses and hugs


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